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Snaga lokalnog?

Snaga lokalnog project is the United States Agency for International Development (USAID’s) five-year project which goal is to strengthen local communities. Through assistance and support to communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we want to develop capacities that will enable sustainable growth, increase civic engagement and mobilize available local resources. Snaga lokalnog web platform enables the exchange of information between all actors, and maps the relationships and influences within civil society, public and local institutions, as well as the business sector for local initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The partner organizations in the project are the Center for Civic Cooperation Livno (CGS Livno), the Network for Building Peace, the Institute for Youth Development KULT, the Tuzla Community Foundation and the Mozaik Foundation, will address development challenges in their own communities and community philanthropy. The USAID has invested a total of $ 12 million in the Snaga lokalnog project.