Three thematic advocacy teams established with a goal to improve the institutional and legal framework for philanthropy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Representatives of the civil, public and business sectors within the program “Legal Framework for Philanthropy” have joined forces in three teams through which they will work together on creating a better institutional and legal framework for philanthropy within the following topics:

  • Exemption of VAT for food donations,
  • Interpretation of legal regulations: (a) Treatment of donations under the Foreign Exchange Act; (b) Collection of VAT from organizations providing services,
  • Legal definition of donations, humanitarian aid, and humanitarian activities.

Thematic advocacy teams (TZTs) will design and implement advocacy campaigns to achieve the desired changes.

The first meetings of the three thematic advocacy teams took place in a constructive atmosphere and activity planning, with a high level of enthusiasm and motivation of individuals who want to enable a higher level of philanthropic giving and create a more favorable environment for all who donate for the common good.

TZT members shared their experiences and information about the problems they face in these areas as well as other individuals and companies. The “Rules of Procedure” and the annual activity plan of each thematic advocacy team, whose next meetings are scheduled for the second half of September, have been adopted.

The “Legal Framework for Philanthropy” program is implemented by the Mozaik Foundation, the Hastor Foundation, the Network for Building Peace, the Association, the Trag Foundation and the Catalyst Balkans. The program is financially supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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