The scouting movement in Vareš cherishes the tradition of raising young people in the spirit of community

If you visit Vareš at the end of March, you must have noticed boys and girls in blue uniforms, with the coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina and lilies, cleaning green areas. They are members of the Scout Detachment “ZVIJEZDA/STAR”, who with their older colleagues cleaned almost the entire section of the regional road from Breza[…]

Local Resource Organizations Assistance Activity Call for Project Proposals for Local Resource Organizations

The Network for Building Peace (NBP)  invites civil society organizations from territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina, specifically from the territory of Bosnian – Podrinje Canton (BPK), Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK), Sarajevo Canton (KS), Posavina Canton (PK), Central Bosnia Canton (SBK), Una-Sana Canton (USK) and Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDK), as well as from territory of Republika Srpska[…]

Association “Žena” Janja – bearer of positive changes in the local community

The town of Janja in the extreme north-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a real example of socially useful activism in recent years, both by individuals and by non-governmental organizations, of which. There are nine non-governmental organizations in Janja. One of these is the Women’s Association “Žena” Janja, which was founded on April 4, 2003. However,[…]

From women’s gatherings to socially useful associations

Numerous women’s associations are active in the area of the Una-Sana Canton, which contribute to their communities through various activities, primarily through the preservation and promotion of the culture and traditions of the people from Krajina. They were created mainly in rural areas, during spontaneous and everyday gatherings, in Krajina. It was during such gatherings that the[…]