Openness Index on Cooperation of Local Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Local Works project supported the preparation and implementation of the activity titled “Research on the openness of municipalities/cities for support and cooperation with the interested public” based on the measurement of the openness index of municipalities/cities for cooperation with the interested public (IOS) whose component elements are 53 indicators/questions defined in the SIGMA principles of public […]

The activities of the Association “Fojnicani” outgrew the local framework and local community

When the residents of Fojnica, a settlement near Maglaj, founded the Association „Fojnicani“ after the catastrophic flood in 2014, they never dreamed that their work would outgrow their local community. Originally, the goal was to help the locals affected by floods, Croats and Bosniaks, in the reconstruction of around 30 flooded houses. Reconstruction of the infrastructure followed,[…]

Baseline Study on Philanthropy in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The State of Philanthropy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The research represented by this publication is an initiative of the Association Network for Building Peace within the framework of Snaga Lokalnog: Projekat podrške lokalnim resursnim organizacijama (USAID Local Works Activity Local Resource Organizations Assistance (LRO/A)). It is an integral part of a five-year project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) worth 12 million[…]

Center for the Promotion of Sustainable Development Berkovici: Youth Ideas for better Berkovici

With just over 2,000 inhabitants, Berkovici is one of the smallest municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, located in the immediate vicinity of Trebinje, Dubrovnik, Stolac and Neum, it is far from being unknown to the general public. And while for many, the first association with Berkovici is precisely “a place on the way to the sea[…]

From darkness to light, Omar Bojicic conquers the world with the support of his father

Omar Bojcic, the best paraathlete from Bosnia and Herzegovina, won 19th place at the World Paraathletic Championship, which was held in mid-July in Paris. Omar clocked 13:07 in the 100-meter sprint. Omar’s success is even greater when it is known that he arrived at the world paraathletic show with an injured back leg, which is why he[…]

Local Works: Association “Eho” for a beautiful Bileca

Association “Eho” from Bileca, established two years ago, strives to improve the life of young people in this Herzegovinian municipality with its activities. Read more about how the slogan “Love your city” encouraged environmental actions, a music and drama club and other activities for young people. Author: Mladen Lakic Under the slogan “Love your city“, volunteers and[…]

Local Works: Association of patients with multiple sclerosis – the initiator of changes in Nevesinje

The Association of patients with multiple sclerosis of the East Herzegovina region has been fighting for more than two decades not only for people suffering from this disease, but also for a better Nevesinje – they initiated the first adapted entrances to public buildings, the first toilets for people with disabilities in schools, parking spaces. The Network[…]