Local Works: Association Sunce from Pale works for a better life for children with developmental disabilities

Author: Mladen Lakić In November 1999, a group of parents and friends of children with developmental disabilities decided to establish an association, the first of its kind in the Pale Municipality, one of the municipalities in the city of East Sarajevo. Today, 23 years later, the Association Sunce is not only the first but still the only […]

Carpe diem – Seize the day! Young people from Ilijaš brighten up the lives of children and the elderly. Friendships are born, food is made, and love is contagious

Author: Vedada Sećerbajtarević Carpe diem – Seize the day! How often do we repeat that to ourselves? Young people from Ilijaš are doing just that. That is why they named the association they founded in 2014 exactly that: Youth organization “Seize the day – Carpe diem”. Everyone in this city knows about them, because what they have[…]

Bijeljina, a city where the government “hears” the workers and works in their interests

Author: Elvir Ibrišimović We have witnessed that the post-war years in Bosnia and Herzegovina were not favorable to the workers. Bad privatization, low employment, dismissal of workers, and weak controls and supervision over the respect of workers’ rights are just some of the injustices that our society has been suffering for decades. Even the mass departure of[…]

Bekir’s narrative – “ADOPT – accept Srebrenica” Inspiration from the local community

“It’s fascinating to look into the pre-war past of Srebrenica. The same space, but in that period and today completely two different worlds. You see a place that is full of life, you see a developed industry, you see a normal, healthy social system, everything we don’t have today. That’s why such stories are very important, especially[…]

“Glimpse of Hope/Tračak nade” bigger than the system

Author: Slađan Tomić For 12 years, the Association “Tračak nade” from Foča, as the only association of this kind in the region of Foča, Višegrad, Rudo and Goražde, has been providing assistance to children and young people with developmental disabilities. Although such persons existed before, they were completely invisible in their local community before the establishment of[…]

An activist from Donji Vakuf dedicated his life to helping young people

The Association for an Active Society, with the help of young people in general hopelessness, creates a brighter future for their city Despite numerous obstacles, a proud resident of Prusac and an even prouder youth worker and activist, Ismal Elkaz, is trying to create opportunities for young people to progress in Donji Vakuf. He sees them exclusively[…]

When activism replaces criticism, outstanding results emerge

Author: Sladjan Tomic One of the worst election turnouts in the elections held on Sunday speaks of the apathy of our society. Faced with numerous problems, citizens are apparently increasingly resorting to criticism without action, even going to the polls. However, there are no results from empty words without action. The activist from Janja, Elvir Ibrisimovic, professor[…]