Five gold medals for innovators from Bosnia and Herzegovina at an international exhibition in Nigeria

A beautiful 1st of May greeting card, with a slight delay, arrived to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and BiH’s innovators from Nigeria – five members of the Association of Innovators of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AIBiH) received five gold medals for five innovations presented at an international exhibition in the two million city of Port Harcourt (Nigeria). The[…]

“There’s always room for improvement” J.L.

This month is reserved for Capacity Building Training, which is aimed at strengthening the partnership Two great weekends already passed and we got useful knowledge and skills in GRAPHIC DESIGN AND COPYWRITING as well as DIGITAL MARKETING AND SOCIAL NETWORK MARKETING. This activity is part of the project “Laktaši Local Youth Development” and is an introduction to[…]

Association Lan from Bihać is implementing a new project “Early education and education towards sustainable development”

The Lan Association from Bihać is implementing the project “Early education for sustainable development” within the project NAGE – Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy implemented by the Rural Development Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This project is funded by the European Union. The project will be implemented in the period from March 1 – June 30,[…]

Tuzla Community Foundation: Project support

Dear citizens of Tuzla Canton, 💁‍♂‍👩‍🎓🙋‍♀‍🙋👫🧍 If you are interested in applying to our call for project proposals of civil society organizations, public institutions and informal groups in the Tuzla Canton, we would like to invite you to an online consultation which will be held every Tuesday from 11.00 to 12.00. You will an opportunity to find[…]

From disposal to zero waste with the support of the European Union

Low awareness of the benefits and importance of waste prevention, reuse and recycling, combined with inadequate policies and lack of investment in separate collection and treatment infrastructure, has led Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to dispose of 95% of their waste and thus irreversibly lose valuable resources, while creating pressure on the community, the economy and the[…]

Čitluk: Financial aid for 38 students

Decision on granting financial aid to certain categories of students from the area of ​​the Municipality of Čitluk The mayor of Čitluk, Marin Radišić, made a decision to award financial aid to 38 students from the area of ​​Čitluk Municipality. “The list of this year’s financial aid holders was determined by the Commission for the implementation of[…]