Experience archeology in a digital and playful way

A three-year initiative called ArcheoDanube/Archeodunav discusses how cultural heritage and archaeological parks relate to tourism and urban planning. The Municipality of Centar Sarajevo, in collaboration with the “Sustainication e.V.” Association, created a treasure hunt that traces the lives of three painters along the Miljacka River and directs tourists to various historical events and cultural places. The Viennese[…]

The Zenica-Doboj Canton’s Employment Service secured 500,000 BAM for the “Second Chance 2022” Program

The public call for the job incentive “Second Chance 2022” is open to unemployed people who are registered with the Zenica-Doboj Canton’s Employment Service, according to Anto Pesic, the director of the service. He mentions that the Self-Employment Co-financing Program – Start up 2022 contained a public call that was publicized by the Service. “Application forms, which[…]

BiH village: Locals leave, foreigners settle

Somewhat skeptical because of the presence of journalists, the members of the cooperation “Siebenstern” from Germany, nevertheless agree for the first time to tell why they came to this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not far from Kozarska Dubica, in the village of Vranovac, a dozen enthusiasts from Germany and Austria found a new place to live.[…]

The Europe Goes Local initiative

The Institute for Youth Development KULT, in cooperation with the Salto Resource Center from Ljubljana, organized an online info session to present the current public call for Europe Goes Local intended for local government units to youth officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within this call, interested local government units in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to[…]