An unusual move – badminton club Doboj

Within the sports and recreational badminton playing project, we are trying to bring sports closer to as many inhabitants of the Doboj Region as possible. What separates “BK SERTINI” from other clubs is the socialization of members, active socializing after trainings, promotion of family sports and recreational activities, inclusion of women and girls in sports, and affirmation […]

Office space awarded to the Association Multiple Sclerosis

On the occasion of the International Day of Multiple Sclerosis, the mayor of the Municipality East New Sarajevo Jovan Katic awarded the Association “Multiple Sclerosis” of the Sarajevo-Romanija region office space, as agreed at last year’s gathering and celebration. The newly opened office of the Association is located on the Square of the Republic of Serbia and[…]

Training “Capacity building of small and medium-sized enterprises”

Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with partners Regional Chamber of Commerce of Zlatibor Administrative District and Energis Center organizes free training for capacity building of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which will be held from June 13 – 14, 2022 at Hotel Palisad on Zlatibor (Serbia). This training is intended for businesspersons,[…]

IT Company Atlantbh and the Association renovated the playground for children in Vares

The youngest residents of Vares got a new place to play thanks to the joint efforts of the IT company Atlantbh and the humanitarian organization The playground in front of the Public Institution “Children’s Kindergarten Vares” has been unusable for years due to worn-out and damaged infrastructure. As a result, the children did not have adequate[…]

Henkel provides detergent for 77,000 kg of clean laundry to families from SOS Children’s Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The project of the Henkel brand Persil, which aimed to provide quantities of detergent sufficient for the six-month needs of all families from SOS Children’s Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been successfully implemented. During the month of March, with each purchase of Persil detergent, all customers were part of the campaign “All children deserve clean clothes”,[…]