Baseline Study on Philanthropy in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The State of Philanthropy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The research represented by this publication is an initiative of the Association Network for Building Peace within the framework of Snaga Lokalnog: Projekat podrške lokalnim resursnim organizacijama (USAID Local Works Activity Local Resource Organizations Assistance (LRO/A)).

It is an integral part of a five-year project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) worth 12 million dollars, initiated to strengthen the local communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through the assistance and support to the local communities, the project develops capacities that will enable sustainable growth, an increase in civic engagement and mobilization of all available local resources.

Together with Network for Building Peace, the partner organizations in this project include: the Center for Civic Cooperation Livno (CGS Livno), the Institute for Youth Development KULT, Tuzla Community Foundation and Mozaik Foundation.

This publication represents the first part of a comprehensive study on philanthropy aimed to analyze the current situation, formulate recommendations for the development of the philanthropic ecosystem, and set indicators for its further monitoring.

Taking into consideration that this phenomenon has always existed but it has only recently been examined and practiced in the context of the civil society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the subject of the research is set broadly. The collection of data was conducted through a combination of methods of surveying, interviewing, and content analysis. In the period from February 25, 2023, until April 28, 2023, the interviews were conducted with representatives of the population of public opinion, socially responsible companies, and civil society organizations. The interviews were supplemented with the analysis of the contents of the previous publicly available research.

The intention of the project team is to use the obtained findings of this research as the basis for the design of the second part of a comprehensive study which, instead of a horizontal assessment of all participants of the philanthropic ecosystem, will be directed on a vertical assessment of only selected aspects of philanthropy.

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