From women’s gatherings to socially useful associations

Numerous women’s associations are active in the area of the Una-Sana Canton, which contribute to their communities through various activities, primarily through the preservation and promotion of the culture and traditions of the people from Krajina. They were created mainly in rural areas, during spontaneous and everyday gatherings, in Krajina. It was during such gatherings that the […]

Centar za mirovno obrazovanje

Zdravko Kujundžija, president of the Center for Peace Education: Children are worth sacrificing for

The Association Center for Peace Education has only been active for a few years, but their peace mission is extremely important for today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina, where peace grows on thin ice, and the hope and desire of young people to stay in their homeland have long been melted by warm winters. One of the founders and[…]

mreža aktivnih zajednica

The Network of Active Communities: We provide opportunities for citizens to truly love their communities

“Working with people in the field is challenging, but also very inspiring. All our common small victories are an inexhaustible mutual motivation to continue working for our settlements, cities, for our country,” says Anita Šimić, general secretary of the Network of Active Communities, at the beginning of our conversation. This organization, created within the Tuzla Community Foundation[…]

Local Works: Association Sunce from Pale works for a better life for children with developmental disabilities

Author: Mladen Lakić In November 1999, a group of parents and friends of children with developmental disabilities decided to establish an association, the first of its kind in the Pale Municipality, one of the municipalities in the city of East Sarajevo. Today, 23 years later, the Association Sunce is not only the first but still the only[…]