Public call for participation in training: Learn, Think and Act! training for teaching and professional staff of secondary schools

ABOUT THE INSTITUTE The Institute for Youth Development KULT (hereinafter: the Institute) is one of the leading non-governmental organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which for over two decades has been actively implementing various initiatives aimed at improving the position of young people and creating a society in which young people can realize their full potential. On this[…]

Public call for training Learn, think and act! for youth political leaders

The Institute for Youth Development KULT  (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) announces a public call for participation in the training for youth political leaders, UMiD for youth political leaders (hereinafter referred to as UMiDp). The Institute will, by public invitation, select participants to attend the UMiDp training, which will consist of three five-day modules, created from three[…]

With the help of a magic potion, will BiH and its youth become part of the European Union?

The recently approved opening of negotiations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU represents a significant step towards European integration, offering a number of potential opportunities for the authorities to create better conditions for young people in the country. The reason why we present these opportunities as potential is the fact that their realization, among other things,[…]

High school students from BiH contributed to the fight against violence against women and girls

This month , the Institute for Youth Development KULT  collaborated with JU General Gymnasium “Bosanska Krupa” and JU First Bosniak Gymnasium to jointly celebrate Orange Day – the day to combat violence against women and girls. Representatives of the Institute visited the First Bosniak High School in Sarajevo and held a workshop on this topic. Students were discussed[…]

Job shadowing – Support is crucial for the growth and development of organizations!

The Institute for Youth Development KULT was visited today by representatives of  the Youth Council of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina . Today, our guests dedicated the exchange of information and previous experiences with the employees of the Institute and the acquisition of new knowledge. Thanks to this visit, our guests had the opportunity to see how the[…]

Introducing youth officers: Azemina Gubeljić – It is important to support young people and act together with them

Youth officers provide support and help to youth organizations and young people to overcome daily challenges in their work and be strong actors for the development of the communities in which they operate. The Institute for Youth Development KULT especially emphasizes the improvement of the position and the promotion of the role of youth officers, with the aim[…]

What does the opening of EU accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina mean for civil society and young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Yesterday, the European Council made a decision by which the European Union opens accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina. With this decision, the European Council calls for the adoption of the negotiation framework after the relevant concrete steps mentioned in the recommendation of the European Commission from October 2022 have been taken. The Commission then recommended that Bosnia and[…]