Young athletes received prize money from the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo as appreciation for their results and success

On Monday, January 11, 2021, Mayor of Municipality Centar Sarajevo Srđan Mandić, together with counselor Draško Luković and assistant for disabled veterans, social protection and social activities Jasmina Fazlić, hosted successful young athletes Benjamin and Neal Ahmedbegović. Municipality of Centar Sarajevo provides significant support to young people, and this is just one in a series of indicators […]

Nada’s perfume adventure

Nada has become widely known for her creativity, and every product is a fragrant story. Nada Šarić from Rakitno near Posušje turned her hobby into a job that was recognized by true lovers of quality and beautiful combinations of floral notes. This is Nada’s world of perfume. Can you briefly introduce yourself and your business? My job[…]

Fund „I love my city“

From the establishment of the Foundation in 2003 until 2020, this Fund operated under the name “I Love Tuzla Fund” and was aimed at supporting local initiatives to improve living conditions in Tuzla. In accordance with the strategic commitment of the Tuzla Community Foundation to expand its scope to the entire Tuzla Canton from 2020, this fund[…]

Almost 30,000 BAM for 11 projects of the Active Community Fund

Members of the Network of Active Communities (NAC) are proof that true activists and leaders never give up. Local development groups in these communities have worked hard and planned their activities, adapting them to the uncertain new situations, determined to work continuously on solutions to problems. The nomination of implemented activities is part of the annual action[…]