Vanja Lazić – graphic designer and illustrator: Forest, forest again, and then our home

Today, it is not rare that young people are increasingly disturbed by the circumstances of insanely accelerated world around us, overcrowded cities, traffic congestion, and increasingly challenging environmental problems in the form of enormous pollution and other consequences. Having all that in mind, some young people decide to leave cities and continue living in quieter rural or […]

The Network for Building Peace and the Tuzla Community Foundation discussed cooperation within the Snaga lokalnog Program

Representatives of two partner organizations within the LocalWorks Program, the Network for Building Peace and the Tuzla Community Foundation held an online meeting on Monday, November 23, 2020. The meeting was an opportunity to get to know each other, exchange information, ideas, experiences and expectations, as well as to strengthen partnerships and mutual cooperation. LocalWorks is a[…]

Providing help to elementary schools during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Tuzla Community Foundation continues its Solidarity Against the Coronavirus campaign, this time with the support of the German Embassy in BiH. Distribution of 1700 liters of disinfectants for surfaces and hands, 8500 washable two-layer cotton protective masks for children, 8000 disposable three-layer surgical masks and 21 infrared non-contact thermometers is still ongoing. This valuable donation will[…]

Merima Kukić started a business that employs women from rural areas

After entrepreneurial training within the EU4Business project “Start your own business”, 27-year-old Merima Kukić from Jablanica wrote a business plan and became one of the beneficiaries of the grant with which she started her own company “MOST M” d.o.o. Jablanica. The company employs women from rural areas of Herzegovina, whose main activity is processing of fruit and[…]

“They called me a Bosnian gypsy …” Despite everything Sandra Kisić from Sarajevo became an internet celebrity in the Czech Republic

As a six-month-old baby, Sandra managed to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). First, she lived in Tunisia for 4 years and went to Arab-French kindergarten. Today, she lives and works in the Czech Republic. She is one of the most famous bloggers both in the Czech Republic and in neighboring countries. She has visited about fifty countries[…]

Girls from Goražde break down prejudices about men’s and women’s occupations

Secondary vocational school “Džemal Bijedić” Goražde is the only school in Bosnia and Herzegovina that teaches a course for plastic process technicians. 10 girls who enrolled this year break down prejudices that this profession is a man’s job. Secondary vocational school “Džemal Bijedić” Goražde enrolled a new generation of students majoring in processing of plastic. The class[…]

From first steps to independent life

While waiting for the beginning of the second academic year, 22-year-old Azer Ćatović spends his summer vacation jogging, reading books and walking. He still has a lot of studying and exams ahead of him at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Sarajevo, department of Education and Rehabilitation. He usually jogs on a treadmill at the gym of the[…]

Makeup artist Senida Hadžihalilović: Even though she does makeup with one hand, she does it perfectly

Despite the fact that Senida Hadžihalilović is 80% disabled, she is by nature a very cheerful and communicative young woman. She is a pedagogue by profession, but due to the impossibility of finding a job, Senida decided to sail into some completely different waters, doing makeup with one hand. She told us that pedagogy is still her[…]