Mapping of the socio-economic needs of citizens and the business sector

In order to identify the needs of citizens and the business sector in the field of socio-economic development in local communities, the Network for Building Peace conducted four consultative workshops and five focus groups in 9 local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosanska Krupa, Derventa, Gorazde, Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, Gradacac, Kotor Varos, Laktasi, Tesanj and Usora. Consultative workshops […]


The struggle to save the rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are under terrible attacks from investors in small hydropower plants, is probably one of the struggles that has united people in the recent history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Coalition for the Protection of Rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which gathers around 30 organizations, supports local[…]

Exempting food donations from VAT would help vulnerable categories in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the country

Many companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina donate food to soup kitchens and associations that care for people in need, and they would do more if the government stimulated this type of charity through the tax system. The analysis “Exemption of food donations from VAT”, which was done by PhD in Economics Faruk Hadzic within the initiative “Reduce[…]

Public call for applications – co-financing projects of non-governmental organizations and associations from the Sarajevo Canton

Programs and projects of NGOs and associations for organizing business fairs or events for the purpose of promoting economic entities and economic development in the Sarajevo Canton are co-financed. On June 3, 2022, the Ministry of Economy of Sarajevo Canton announced Public call for co-financing programs and projects of non-profit organizations and associations for organizing business fairs[…]

REMINDER: Procurement Procedure Training 2022

As in everyday life situations, when we make purchases for personal needs and strive to get the best quality for the money invested, it is important to spend our funds rationally and economically in business and use market opportunities in a way that ensures rational use of funds. Globalism has led to a huge increase in competition[…]

Call for participation – the #OrangeChallenge initiative

For several years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as in the rest of the world, the Orange Day has been celebrated every 25th of the month as a date for raising awareness and preventing violence against women and girls and sending messages of support to victims. According to a survey conducted by the BiH Gender Equality Agency together[…]

Leadership in action after UMiD

Yes, empowering young people by strengthening skills and fostering leadership through Learn, Think and Act! UMiD training for youth leaders has long-term positive effects for BiH society and Emin Zolota who also learned about leadership as a student of UMID 15 proves this statement. For the past few days, Sarajevo has hosted the eighth edition of the[…]