The Europe Goes Local initiative

The Institute for Youth Development KULT, in cooperation with the Salto Resource Center from Ljubljana, organized an online info session to present the current public call for Europe Goes Local intended for local government units to youth officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within this call, interested local government units in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to […]

A successful example of grants allocation in Ljubinje

The “Invest in BiH” project is entering the second phase of implementation – the awarding of grants to applicants who have successfully passed all steps. We would like to remind you that, in cooperation with 18 municipalities and cities, the Startup Studio launched a support program for people from the diaspora who want to invest in new[…]


September 08-09, 2022, Sarajevo (Hotel Pino, Trebevic) Public goods in Bosnia and Herzegovina are unprotected. Many local communities do not have access to clean water, sewage systems, clean energy sources, and are affected by waste disposal problems and various other forms of water, land, and air pollution. These insights are based on research conducted by the Network[…]

GAL: Artcamp: art, workshops, mentorship, oh my!

Participate in GAL: Artcamp – from workshops in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, through top mentors, to the chance to participate in building a safer internet! Apply for Girls Advance Lab Artcamp! ⏰ REGISTRATION DEADLINE: July 21, 2022 The offer is very simple – we are looking for artists, graphic designers, actors, writers who want to tell stories[…]

From Radio Active to Call for participation – project YOUTH VOICE: We Can!

i-diaspora from Switzerland together with the Association for the care and general rights of children “Nasa djeca” Zenica invite young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Switzerland to apply for the project YOUTH VOICE: We Can! i-diaspora from Switzerland together with the Association for the care and general rights of children “Nasa djeca” Zenica invite young people[…]

Vote for the projects and micro-businesses of the Youth Bank!

Find instructions for voting for projects and micro-businesses here. Welcome! You are here because you are interested in how to use your voice to encourage young people who want to realize socially useful projects and micro-businesses? Very easy! Continue reading the following lines. All registered members of our community can give their voice to projects and[…]

Statement of the Association Network for Building Peace on marking July 11, the Remembrance Day of the Genocide in Srebrenica

27 YEARS AFTER THE GENOCIDE IN SREBRENICA, THE FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS ARE STILL LOOKING FOR THEIR LOVED ONES Although in 1993 Srebrenica was declared a protected zone by the United Nations, i.e., exempted from armed attacks, this did not prevent the in the period of six days from July 11 – 16, 1995, in Srebrenica, genocide[…]

Zijo Ribic on reconciliation – marking the commemoration of the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica

Some people took everything from me, others gave me everything At the protests organized due to the enormous increase in prices and fuel, which were recently attended by about a thousand Tuzla residents, we met four-year-old Sara smiling carefree, safe on her father’s shoulders. She said she came for ice cream. When she grows up, she will[…]