13-year Anniversary of conducting a comprehensive survey on youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina: More than 50% of young people want to leave the country

Thirteen years after the first and only comprehensive survey on youth and the youth sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina was conducted, the first preliminary results of the latest survey on the position of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina were presented today. These results show that the wish to leave the country is still high, as more than […]

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Young people are the largest untapped resource in the world. They possess talents and ambitions that can overcome the greatest challenges of our society. In order to achieve the 17 goals of sustainable development of the United Nations, young people must be empowered – they are not only future leaders, but also those who are most interested[…]

Improving human rights in business sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Story of Murisa Ahmetašević We continue with our invaluable stories about volunteers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This story takes us to Gračanica, more precisely the village of D. Lohinj, where we met with our main heroine Murisa Ahmetašević. Murisa is 27 years old and currently holds an MA in International Relations in Global Governance and Social Theory.[…]