Public call for grants for the implementation of projects/initiatives of local civil society organizations – associations/associations/non-governmental organizations

The Center for Civic Cooperation from Livno (CGS) implements the project “Citizens’ Participation in Local Government” and invites interested local civil society organizations (non-profit associations/associations or non-profit associations/associations with one or more media as partners) in the area of ​​the municipalities of Bosansko Grahovo, Drvar , Livno, Tomislavgrad, Kupres, Glamoč, Grude, Ljubuški, Posušje, Široki Brijeg, Čapljina and […]

Center for Civic Cooperation: Public invitation to trade unions for the implementation of educational activities for trustees and trade union members

Together for labor rights The Center for Civil Cooperation (CGS), Livno, implements the project “Together for Workers’ Rights” and invites interested members of the Coalition for Better Protection of Workers’ Rights, trade union organizations from Cantons 1, 7, 8 and 10 / Counties of Una-Sanska, Herzegovina-Neretva , Western Herzegovina and Herceg-Bosnia, to submit an application for the[…]

Through an interactive workshop, young people got acquainted with the functioning of the Livno City Council

In continuation of the activities within the project “Together for a better and more tolerant community”, high school students from Livno had the opportunity to participate in a workshop in the Livno City Council hall. Through the “Let’s get to know each other” workshop, young people from Livno had the opportunity to learn more about how the[…]

Media education: How to write a project and where to find support programs

Education topics for local media and journalists: Writing and applying for projects: defining the project problem, goals, activities, results, monitoring and evaluation, budgeting; Practical exercise of project proposal preparation and Review of current support programs. The training will be held in Livno, in the PTC “Forum” meeting room, on Monday, May 20, 2024. starting at 11:00 a.m.[…]

Invitation to education about investigative journalism and writing about local needs and problems

We invite all interested editors, journalists of local media, individual journalists and citizen journalists to participate in education on the following topics: – Determining needs and identifying community problems; field research, collection of relevant and official data, processing of collected information, presentation of results to the public; – Investigative journalism. The training will be held in Livno,[…]

Initiative for changes to the legislative framework for employment in the public sector ŽZH: Corruption is not a tradition but a criminal act

The Center for Civic Cooperation from Livno, as part of the project “Supporting the involvement of citizens of Cantons 8 and 10 in the fight against corruption in employment in the public sector”, in cooperation with legal experts, analyzed the legislative framework in the field of employment in Canton 8/West Herzegovina County. Based on the analysis, an[…]

Citizens from ŽZH/K8 and HBŽ/K10 learned about the advantages of social entrepreneurship at two-day training sessions

As part of the USAID project “Strength of the Local – Together for Local Development”, the Center for Civic Cooperation from Livno held two two-day trainings in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and writing a business plan/canvas for interested citizens, representatives of associations and organizations, and individuals. . Training participants from K10/HBŽ and K8/ŽZH had the opportunity for two[…]