Openness Index on Cooperation of Local Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Local Works project supported the preparation and implementation of the activity titled “Research on the openness of municipalities/cities for support and cooperation with the interested public” based on the measurement of the openness index of municipalities/cities for cooperation with the interested public (IOS) whose component elements are 53 indicators/questions defined in the SIGMA principles of public administration reform and openness.

IOS is designed as a tool to assess local authorities according to the level of their engagement with local communities.

Budget transparency, signed cooperation agreements, partnership activities, joint projects, frequency of consultations with citizens, the amount and type of publicly available information about local authorities and the number of public appearances are elements of openness to cooperation that are measured by the Index. Ultimately, the purpose of IOS is to encourage local authorities to deepen their ties with their own communities.

In addition, research with IOS is one of the key interventions aimed at additional development of functionality and increased use of the web platform Snaga lokalnog ( by local actors.

The Research is available here.