How Bosnia and Herzegovina can defeat hunger through corporate charity

The noble campaign to fight hunger in Bosnia and Herzegovina gathers more and more companies

Sarajevo, March 21, 2024 – The noble campaign to fight hunger in Bosnia and Herzegovina is gathering more and more donor companies in our country. In a new wave of donations, companies from the food sector Lactalis BH and Perutnina Ptuj helped public kitchens and associations across the country with their products.

Although they stand out for their long-term commitment to the culture of donation, both companies state that the exemption of donated food from VAT has encouraged them to donate even more.

“In October of last year, we were part of the group that made official the start of donating in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the new rules, i.e. with exemption from paying VAT. That donation of over 2,500 kg of products was an extended hand and an invitation to all companies to join us and to provide support together where it is most needed. Then, in January of this year, we donated 3,200 kg of products to the Association, Merhamet Tuzla and Crveni križ Mostar”, said Lactalis BH.

Perutnina Ptuj joined the campaign “Gram by gram to a ton of solidarity” with equal commitment, donating goods worth 5,000 KM at the beginning of this year. The charities plan to continue this mission.

“In the second half of this year, we are planning a big project in cooperation with the Association Our commitment to humanitarian work is reflected in continuous donations, whereby every year we allocate an average of 100,000 KM in merchandise value. Cooperation with represents a further step in our mission of providing support to the community and makes us even more determined to achieve positive changes in the lives of those who need it the most”, said Perutnina Ptuj.

This story is not just about numbers and donations, but about the people who decided to lend their support. It testifies to the warmth that comes from the hearts of those who are ready to help, regardless of the circumstances.

For more active involvement of companies in the donation process, the initiators of the campaign “Gram by gram to a ton of solidarity” have prepared a guide that makes the job much easier for companies that decide to donate, as well as for public kitchens. In it, among other things, the form for the completed food donation is presented, which enables the use of tax deductions. With these steps, we not only help the most vulnerable categories of society, but also contribute to the reduction of food waste and support the social well-being of communities.

The initiative “No one is hungry.” I’m nobody.” is part of the “Legal Framework for Philanthropy” program, which is implemented by the Mozaik Foundation together with partner organizations (Udruženje, Philanthropic Forum, Peace Building Network, Trag Foundation and Catalyst Balkans) with the financial support of the American government through USAID.