The Project “Snaga lokalnog – together for local development” presented in Ljubuški

At a time when the revenues of municipalities and counties have decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of the opportunities for the development of local communities is foreign funds, it was pointed out today at the presentation of the project “Snaga lokalnog – together for local development” in Ljubuški.

The project was presented by Zulka Baljak, Ivona Mišković and Milan Budimir. During the presentation, they mentioned that large funds are available. However, municipalities in BiH generally do not have sufficiently developed capacities, and they do not use the available funds for their development.

This project is implemented in 10 municipalities in West Hercegovina Canton and Canton 10, and its goal is to strengthen capacities through the involvement of local actors.

“In the past, we conducted research with municipal administrations, local communities, NGOs and companies. The results show that all these local actors do not have enough capacity and resources individually, but if they start working together, e.g., one non-governmental organization, local community and company, that project would surely be very successful and beneficial for the local communities”, said Ivona Mišković, project media manager.

Therefore, through this Project, efforts are being made to involve local communities, interested companies, and non-governmental organizations in order to create a network through which it will be easier to get the funds.

For example, in Ljubuški, a non-governmental organization should be selected to be the holder of project activities. This organization will cooperate with the local community, the City Administration, and interested companies.

Thanks to networking, the association could then more easily get the funds because they can improve their internal capacities through networking, and these funds could be used to solve problems in local communities, employ people by starting social businesses, and develop local communities.

If you want to get more information about the Project, listen to the conversation with Ivona Mišković