Public call for training Learn, think and act! for youth political leaders

The Institute for Youth Development KULT  (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) announces a public call for participation in the training for youth political leaders, UMiD for youth political leaders (hereinafter referred to as UMiDp).

The Institute will, by public invitation, select participants to attend the UMiDp training, which will consist of three five-day modules, created from three areas: 1. the political system in BiH and activities in it, 2. the development of the political image and 3. political advocacy and negotiation for solving the problems and needs of young people, and implementing local civic initiatives (hereinafter: LGI).

The planned schedule of holding the UMiDp training module is as follows:

  • Module I – 20-24. 5. 2024
  • Module II – 17-21. 6. 2024
  • Module III – 22-26. 7. 2024

During the duration of the module, the planned working hours are from 09:00 to 18:00 with the exception of the first and last day due to the arrival and departure of participants.

The schedule of UMiDp training modules is not final and the Institute reserves the right to change them.

The venues of the modules will be provided by the Institute to the participants later.

Application criteria

  1. The age of the applicant is from 18 to 30 years at the time of application.
  2. The applicant is a member of a political party registered in BiH.
  3. The applicant has not previously attended UMiDp training.
  4. The applicant is a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  5. The applicant has not been previously punished nor is there any criminal proceedings against him.
  6. All required documentation has been submitted.


The application consists of the following documentation: 1) Curriculum Vitae (CV), 2) membership card of the political party of which the applicant is an active member or other documentation confirming membership, 3) completed application form (online).

The applicant can also submit additional documentation that he considers to be important when scoring all received applications.


Application deadline: The call remains open until Sunday, April 28, 2024, until 11:59 p.m.

Applications should be submitted via the online form, which can be found at:

Any questions can be asked by email to , (Subject: Inquiry, UMiDp 2024) or by phone at +387 33 778 765.


Based on the submitted applications, the Institute will select the best applicants in accordance with the specified criteria. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application, and shortlisted applicants will have video interviews before the final selection. The institute will  deliver  the dates for  the video interviews no later than two days  before the interview.

The Institute will sign  a training contract with the selected training participants .

What is UMiD (Learn, Think and Act!)?

UMiD (Learn, Think and Act!) is the Institute’s certified training program for youth leaders, during which participants become citizens who voluntarily take initiatives and express their opinions and actively participate in the decision-making process in their community. With UMiD, the Institute contributes to the participation of young people in decision-making processes and active participation of young people in politics. With UMiD, we want to ensure greater involvement of young people, develop their social responsibility, influence the overcoming of prejudices, strengthen and strengthen partnerships among them and thus strengthen their self-confidence.

What is UMiDp (Learn, Think and Act! for Youth Political Leaders)? 

UMiD for Youth Political Leaders (UMiDp) is the Institute’s program for youth political leaders from 18 to 30 years of age, who come from different political parties and different local communities. Through 15 days of training, young politicians acquire knowledge and skills that help them improve their activities, especially in the field of youth rights. During the training, they have the opportunity to learn theoretically and practically and build a political image that is different, more innovative and more acceptable to their peers.

Four generations have already passed this training,  over 60 participants  from more than  35 local communities  from over  15  different parties , registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You can see more about UMiDp in  the video , which was created through the work of earlier generations.

Political engagement in practice

In addition to theory, knowledge and experience for innovative political engagement accessible to young people, the participants of the training will be encouraged to initiate initiatives and projects to improve the society in which they live and work. The participants of the training will acquire the knowledge needed to start their own initiatives in their local communities, in the area and topics that are important to them and their young fellow citizens today. In these activities, the participants of the training will, individually or jointly, influence concrete problems and solve problems in the community in which they live. At the same time, this will build their base and self-confidence for later initiation of larger and more significant changes, both locally and at higher levels.

Why UMiDp? 

According to the Institute’s research from 2014, out of 65 registered political parties in BiH, only 14 of them had specific programs for youth in their official programs, while 51 political parties either did not mention youth in their official programs or did so sporadically. Youth branches of political parties cannot be brought under the care of young people, since their main task is to strengthen (rejuvenate) the capacities of political parties, and not to care for young people. More than 50% of the surveyed young people state that they are in favor of young politicians and believe that there should be more young people in politics. A significant percentage of young people consider young politicians to be good, but insufficiently influential, especially due to their lack of experience.

In this regard, it is important to strengthen the competences of young politicians regarding the understanding of economic and social development, the development of a culture of human rights, the development of clear strategies, the skills of prioritizing young people in political agendas, the strengthening of capacities in conducting successful advocacy campaigns and lobbying, the skills of effective communication, democratic leadership, networking with other young politicians, and effective representation of their voters. Two generations of UMiD training for youth political leaders were educated on exactly these topics.

The impact of UMiDp on training participants  

After three modules, participants will be able to, through their political involvement:

  • They prioritize youth issues.
  • They understand the challenges in the domain of economic and social issues.
  • They respect human rights, gender equality and democratic processes.
  • They create and implement advocacy actions.
  • They became recognizable actors of political life in local communities.

Application criteria

  1. The age of the applicant is from 18 to 30 years at the time of application.
  2. The applicant is a member of a political party registered in BiH.
  3. The applicant has not previously attended UMiDp training.
  4. The applicant is a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  5. The applicant has not been punished before, nor is there any criminal proceedings against him.
  6. All required documentation has been submitted.

Obligations of the applicant 

The obligations of the selected applicant are:

  • Attend all three five-day modules and all planned UMiDp training activities, in accordance with the dates (3 modules lasting 5 days each) and working hours listed below.
  • Implement a local construction initiative (LGI).
  • Pay a co-payment in the amount of 100.00 KM of non-refundable funds before the start of the 1st module of the UMiDp training. Participation can be paid by the participant himself or by the institution/political party from which he comes. The organizer issues a corresponding invoice for participation. Instructions for paying by giro account will be delivered to participants on time. Participation is paid only once, before the start of the 1st module, and it is valid for the entire duration of the UMiDp training.
  • Selected UMiDp training participants cannot delegate to another person the fulfillment of contractual obligations, i.e. attendance at UMiDp training and training-related activities.

Selected participants of the UMiDp training will be provided with accommodation, food, work materials, as well as travel expenses for the duration of the training.

In case of need for additional documentation or clarifications, the Institute will contact the applicant subsequently. The institute may contact the references that the applicant provides in the application.


Application deadline: The call remains open until Sunday,  April 28, 2024. until 23.59 hours .

Any questions can be asked via email at   or by phone at +387 33 778 765.

Incomplete and untimely applications will not be considered.

All information about the Institute for Youth Development KULT can be found at .

The full text of the public call is available  HERE .

NOTE:  Expressions that, for the sake of transparency, are given in one grammatical gender without discrimination apply equally to persons of all genders.