Make the common space around your building beautiful and win a prize

It’s spring and everything around us is happening in a really fast pace. Spring work is already largely underway in the countryside, but just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t get started either. How? Make the space around your building beautiful and participate in the Eco Challenge!

Most residential buildings in our cities have at least a small area that is common to all tenants, which is often neglected, ugly and serves as a storage for things tenants do not use. That’s why we bring you a few ideas on how you can make the space around the building more beautiful and win valuable prizes.

  1. Gather tenants living in your building

This space belongs to all of you and you will all enjoy its beauty together, and together you can achieve better results.

2. Clean up the garbage

Although garbage may not have been thrown away by any of the tenants to whom this space belongs, you can still organize your own mini-cleaning action. In this way, in addition to being more beautiful, you will also have a safer environment for yourself, children and pets

3. Plant flowers or a tree

If there is a green area around your building, you can make it even more beautiful by planting flowers, low vegetation or, in case it does not obscure the view, even a large tree seedling. There are fewer and fewer green areas in cities, and this way you can have them right under your window.

4. Set up benches

Sometimes it is enough for us to spend half an hour sitting outside, in the fresh air, after a stressful day. You don’t have to look for the first nearest park, set up benches in front of your building. You will be able to sit outside while your children play nearby, and your older neighbors will have a place to rest.

5. Create interesting content from recycled material

You can make interesting things if you use old tires or plastic bottles, and it will not only be aesthetically pleasing to adults, but also interesting for children from the neighborhood.

The building is one big common house and these activities can bring you and your neighbors closer, and best of all, you can share the prize if you win it!

If you decide to start decorating your building for the Eco Challenge and apply for the competition “Let’s make our country even more beautiful”, you can do so if you are:

– An individual or informal group of citizens, and in this category you can win one of three main prizes:

  1. Place 1000 USD
  2. Place 500 USD
  3. Place 300 USD

Or one of 5 special prizes worth in the amount of $500.

Send photos of your space in the current state to the e-mail no later than June 5, 2021.

The final report with photos and videos should be submitted by September 30, 2021.

All applications will be reviewed by independent members of the jury, from October 1 to 15, 2021, who will evaluate each application.

Read the details about the competition at:

Let’s make our cities and the whole country even more beautiful together!

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