The Eco Network analyzes the state of fish and bird species and populations in the area of Lake Modrac

In June 2020, the Association of Citizens “Eco Network” in cooperation with the Municipality of Lukavac and Sports and Fishing Association “Smuđ” from Lukavac, began implementing the project “Inventory, analysis and monitoring of the diversity of ichthyofauna and ornithofauna of Lake Modrac”, funded by the Fund for the protection of the environment of the Federation of BiH.[…]

Association “ZA DOLJANKU” is organizing a press conference on Thursday, September 10

The Association “Za Doljanku” from Jablanica, will hold a press conference at the Cultural Centre Mostar on Thursday, September 10, 2020, concerning the decision of the Regulatory Commission for Energy in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to issue a hydropower licence for a mini hydro power plant “Zlate” owned by the company “EKO-VAT” from Jablanica. More[…]