LocalWorks had a meeting with the Association Ruku na srce

On November 18 (Wednesday), the LocalWorks virtually visited the Association Ruku na srce. We talked with Azra and Nusejba, two volunteers for the Association.

During its ten years of existence, Ruku na srce gathered and inspired over 500 volunteers to make other people and children throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina happy. Humanitarian action “No child without New Year’s gift” will soon be published.

Last year, over 3,000 children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina received New Year’s gifts that were collected through the humanitarian action organized by Ruku na srce. Follow the work of the Association Ruku na srce, but also follow our website Snagalokalnog.ba, where you will soon be able to read a story about the work of the Association and its hard-working volunteers. Their moto is: “We know we cannot change the world, but sometimes a little is enough to make someone’s world more beautiful”.

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