How to start your own business?

At a time when we face a shortage of jobs in the labor market every day, when the unemployment rate is rising and there are no tendencies that something will change on this issue, it is very important for each individual to think about what he/she can do. Some have already decided to leave the country and try to build their careers in developed countries, but there are still a large number of those who stay where they are and “wait” for work, which is connected with their education and previously acquired competencies. It can happen that such a dream job never comes. And then what? Should I give up? No.

In my opinion, the job is not waiting for you at the employment bureau. A job is created, designed, registered and realized. And it lives …

By Adisa Tufo

Is it easy? It’s not. Is this the right time? It is. It is always the right time for a person to live his/her dream.

How to turn your dream into a business plan?

Surely there is something on the market whose quality you are not satisfied with, you could and would know better. Or there is no specific product or service at all, and you know for sure that there is a demand and market for it. Start from that and write, write or type your whole story, from the present moment all the way to the realization. Write even about what will happen later, how your business will grow, how everyone will want to buy what you offer, how the competition will learn from you. Imagine, be as creative as possible. There must be that “something” …

When you write it down on paper, then think about resources. The real resources you have to start the business. It is irrelevant whether it will be registered as a trade or a company, but it is important that it is registered and it’s important to start the business. Of course, it cannot be successful overnight. Your resources are limited. They are always limited at the beginning.

When you define your business idea to the smallest detail, when you do a SWOT analysis of the idea and yourself from the position of the present moment, and directed towards your “dream”, you will know exactly where you are and somehow your path will arrange itself.

When you realize what you have, and mostly you have more than you think, your motivation will grow. Take advantage of that moment. And keep working.

Chances are you don’t have enough money. And that’s perfectly fine. There is someone else, and he/she does not have an idea. Find one or more partners, just start your business … You will learn some things in the process. There is no way to know everything at once.

What else should I know?

Market analysis, competition analysis, marketing strategies, analysis of assumed revenues and expenditures – all are unavoidable items in the plan you create. And they are all connected. Do not skip any of them.

A dream is a dream, until it is written down, and when it is written it is no longer a dream – it has become a business plan. Your first business plan, which you will materialize step by step.

Only one thing can be an obstacle in realizing your dream. And that obstacle is you, your beliefs that make you afraid to take the first step. Few people support you and you feel lonely. They say it’s not the right time … Work on yourself, change your beliefs. Each moment has its advantages. Every entrepreneur has once made an uncertain “first step”.

These people now make a living from their work, create their working day, earn as much as they need and are quite independent. In addition, they employ other people, fill budgets and affect their country’s gross national income. You can do the same …

Adisa Tufo, author of the article

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