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Podrška za izgradnju kapaciteta za digitalnu transformaciju, inovacije i rješenja „smart” turizma u malim i srednjim preduzećima u oblasti turizma

The general objective of this Call is to boost the uptake of digitalisation and innovation by tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation and capacity building.   The action aims at:  reinforcing transnational and cross-border cooperation, in particular integration of tourism businesses and stakeholders in transnational and inter-regional innovation ecosystems to enable smart and sustainable growth of tourism SMEs; fostering SMEs’ […]

Šema malih grantova (SGS) Covid19 – Mreža Iris

IRIS Network has a great pleasure to announce the continuation of its Small Grants Scheme (SGS) Covid19, which will provide financial support to the member organizations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia. The Call aims to support IRIS members in capacity-building actions for the purpose of enhancing an organization’s abilities to develop adequate services, capabilities, and skills[…]