Through an interactive workshop, young people got acquainted with the functioning of the Livno City Council

In continuation of the activities within the project “Together for a better and more tolerant community”, high school students from Livno had the opportunity to participate in a workshop in the Livno City Council hall.

Through the “Let’s get to know each other” workshop, young people from Livno had the opportunity to learn more about how the city administration works and how the city council is organized, in a dialogue with the vice-president of the Livno City Council, Ivan Periš.

“Through short lines, we introduced the young people to the method of electing councilors and the number of councilors, we talked about how decisions are made at the city council, we also introduced them to the way the session is prepared and the items that come on the agenda. Most of them are here for the first time and I believe they are impressed, but I think they are all satisfied,” said Periša.

The President of the Body for Community Cohesion of the City of Livna, Tonka Marinčić, introduced the audience to this body and its cohesive function in building a tolerant community and presented the Action Plan for Community Cohesion as a strategic document adopted with the aim of improving the local community.

The lecturer on the topics of communication, justice, tolerance and discrimination was Jasminka Borković with many years of experience working with young people. Through interactive lectures, games and tasks, all participants had the opportunity to participate, engage in conversation and become aware of the society in which we live.

“I believe that training on communication, prejudices and tolerance is extremely important for every person as topics that are the basis of all interpersonal relationships. Young people, especially high school students, should go through trainings and workshops like this!” said Jasminka, and she focused on young people and the application of the acquired information in everyday life.

Informational leaflets were distributed to all participants in the workshop with the aim of providing basic information about the fight against hatred and acts committed out of hatred, and the concepts of tolerance and discrimination were vividly presented to them with an emphasis on the individual contribution to building a more tolerant community in everyday life, but also through this project.

Livno High School student Andrea Čečura said after participating in the workshop: “I learned how to communicate better with others, how to respect other people’s opinions, how we should not be aggressive but not passive in some situations.” We should see all people equally and we should be full of respect for others,” and she emphasized the importance of mutual cooperation and volunteering in the community.

Our activities are supported through the project “Improving social cohesion through cooperation in the provision of local services in Bosnia and Herzegovina” financed by the Peacebuilding Fund of the United Nations Secretary General (PBF), and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on behalf of the United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.