The city of Cazin is committed to improving and improving opportunities for young people with a youth strategy

The city of Cazin is dedicated to improving the position of young people, and it expresses its commitment to youth issues precisely through the process of developing a strategy for young people. In the past period, working groups from their thematic areas worked on identifying programs and activities implemented by the City of Cazin, which are aimed at young people and mapping problems. At the new meeting of the Coordinating Body and working groups, activities on the development of the strategic document continued.

The participants of the meeting were presented with the most important results from the Analysis of the Position and Needs of the Youth of the City of Cazin, which will soon be available to the general public. The analysis served the members of the working groups to familiarize themselves with the data related to the attitudes of young people in relation to the availability of scholarships, the possibility of conducting practical classes, the interest of young people in opening their own businesses, issues of housing, health care, the availability of informal education and the security situation in the city. . Based on the data from the Research Analysis, the working groups will in the coming period work on mapping key problems for which results and activities will be created that should lead to problem solving and the creation of new opportunities and opportunities for young people in Cazin. Proposals for desired results and activities will be included in the Action Plan, which will be an integral part of the strategy document for young people.

Already at this stage of the process, there are clear guidelines for certain problems and shortcomings recognized by the working groups, the solution of which would improve the position of young people.

According to the latest population census from 2013, young people make up 23.3% of the population in the city of Cazin, which makes this local self-government one of the communities with the largest proportion of young people, and therefore it is extremely important that through the process of creating a strategy for young people and its subsequent implementation will improve the position of young people through new programs and activities.

The youth strategy will open a new perspective in working with young people and offer new chances and opportunities for the development of the youth population in the city in the areas of employment, informal education, culture and sports.

The youth strategy is a document of government institutions that is created and adopted by each level of government in the Federation of BiH with the participation of youth representatives in all processes and conducting research on the position and needs of young people.