The Americans put Bosnia and Herzegovina on the list of the most favorable destinations

The American magazine “Travel Off Path” recently shared a list of the most affordable European destinations for 2024, and Bosnia and Herzegovina was also on it.

If you still haven’t decided where to spend your vacation, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this American magazine recommends three European destinations. Namely, in addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Bulgaria were also on the list.

“Still on the Balkan Peninsula, Bosnia and Herzegovina is another hidden gem of Europe that has long been overlooked due to its association with the war of the 1990s and the now-defunct socialist state of Yugoslavia, which it shared with Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and others,”  they wrote . are at the beginning.

They explained that BiH is independent and one of the most diverse countries on the continent, where Muslims and Karst people live, and that it can boast of a large number of historical sights.

“To begin with, BiH has two of the most legendary bridges in Europe. One of them, the Stari Most, dominates the skyline of Mostar, towering over the swift, crystal clear Neretva River, while the Latin bridge in Sarajevo is the place where Franz Ferdinand was killed,”  they pointed out.

They further explained that BiH also has access to the Adriatic Sea and that Neum is one of the more affordable cities when it comes to prices, despite being located on the sea and near Dubrovnik, which is considered one of the most expensive locations in the region.

“Bosnia is also full of ancient, stone-built cities and beautiful natural sites, such as the Kravice Falls, a refreshing swimming spot in the hot summer months, and the tourist belt of Neum, its only coastal town,”  they wrote.

But Neum is not the only one on the list of cities you should visit. They also emphasize visiting Mostar and Sarajevo, which also offer cheap and at the same time decent accommodation, food and public transport.

“All in all, a week’s stay in mostly pleasant Bosnia and Herzegovina will cost you just US$520, including everything but airfare,”  they wrote at the end.

On the other hand, for a weekly stay in Albania, according to their estimates, it is necessary to allocate approximately 546 dollars per person, while for a weekly trip in Bulgaria, it is necessary to allocate 1,127 dollars.