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How many times have you bought things you don’t need?

Thinking about what catches your eye and makes you shop?

Do you want to use it to improve or enhance your business? You are in the right place!

On Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 6 PM at the Startup Studio Bihać a very interesting lecture with Arnela Nanić will be held on the topic: “Global trends in the consumer world – why do we buy?“.

Arnela Nanić is a professor at the Department of Marketing at the Faculty of Economics, University of Bihać, where she has been employed for 10 years. She is most happy and motivated to work with young, creative, energetic and excellent people. She is the author of the university textbook “Entrepreneurial Marketing” intended for both students and anyone who is engaged in entrepreneurship and wants to successfully apply marketing to improve business. She has published over 20 scientific and professional papers, participated in numerous national and international conferences and successfully participated in several projects. Arnela’s research interest is focused on studying consumer behavior, entrepreneurial marketing, brand management, and marketing management. She has always been in love with psychology, so her special area of ​​interest is the study of consumer behavior and psychology in marketing.

In this lecture you will be able to find out:

  • How to realize an idea by applying the marketing concept of business,
  • Reveal the secret of the “black box” of consumers,
  • Find out how and why we buy and what factors affect us when making purchasing decisions,
  • Get to know global trends in the consumer world,
  • What is the “new normal” after a pandemic,
  • Get acquainted with examples of successful marketing campaigns and positive stories of young entrepreneurs.

So don’t wait and reserve your spot in the lecture right away by signing up at the link below.

Applications for participation are mandatory because number of participants is limited.

You already know the location of the Studio – Bosanska 4 (across from the cafe RB).

For all other information regarding the lecture or Startup study, send an e-mail to or call 061 929 933.