SUPPORT FOR VULNERABLE GROUPS: For my happier childhood

The goal of the project

By adapting 13 wards (257 m2 of space) of the Public Institution for Children without Parental Care in Tuzla, we would create normal conditions for the life and development of children who were not born under a lucky star. Although they cannot enjoy all the benefits of the family, this Institution is a safe haven and a roof over their heads for them. By adapting one wing of the Institution, which consists of a spacious living room with dining area, 6 bedrooms with toilets and two loggias, children living here would get normal living conditions, which would create preconditions for their normal growth and development. In addition to the renovation of the living space, the project aims to furnish the premises with adequate furniture, bedding and additional bathroom equipment. Necessary financial resources

Needed: 50.000,00 BAM

Collected: 9.130,50 BAM

The challenge

In a society that is in a poor socio-economic situation, children without parental care are on the margins. A lot of effort is still needed to enable every child without adequate parental care to live, grow and develop in a loving family environment. Although we cannot solve many segments of this problem, what we can do as a community is to make life of these children better and more beautiful, and we can do that together. There is no alternative, because humanity owes children the best it has and can do. There is a lot of humidity in these rooms at the moment, water pipes are broken, electrical installations are worn out, radiators are rusty, which makes life very difficult for children as well. Since this is a fairly large amount of money, we can do this only together.

The adaptation of these premises would create adequate living conditions for the 13 wards of the Institution, which would help them fulfill their daily school and life obligations. Alternatively, you can donate via bank account:

Payments from BiH BAM account:

1941041108200117 ProCredit Bank BiH dd Sarajevo

Payments from abroad Euro account: IBAN: BA 39 194 – 104 11082012-81

SWIFT: MEBBBA 22 ProCredit Bank BiH dd Sarajevo

USD account: IBAN: BA 39 194 – 104 11082033-18

Payments directly at the Foundation’s premises at: Pozorišna 13, Tuzla

Long-term impact/results

In addition to the obvious, a functional and beautiful home would contribute to a sense of belonging, show the residents of this Institution that they are not alone and that the citizens think of their wellbeing as well. The wellbeing of children should be the guiding star of our moral compass.


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