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What is ESN?

ESN (European Student Network) , represents a vital support infrastructure for international students across Europe.
Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is among the most respected student associations in Europe. Founded  in 1989 , it represents one of the key volunteer organizations. Its network is constantly progressing and expanding, with around  15,000 active members present in over 42 countries .
Through its structure, ESN facilitates the adaptation and integration of students in a new environment, providing them with the necessary resources and support to make their experience of studying abroad easier and more successful.
Oasis of Connectivity
ESN is more than an organization; it is a global network that connects people of different cultures and nationalities. Through local sections across the continent, ESN allows students to connect, share experiences, find support and meet new people.
Erasmus Student Network Sarajevo, as part of a larger European student organization,  is dedicated to promoting mobility and flexibility in education through support in academic exchange.  Their focus is to support Erasmus students in the process of academic and social integration. Through volunteer work, this organization provides the opportunity for informal learning and personal development to its members, while at the same time facilitating the creation of social and professional networks.

One of the key aspects of ESN is their role in educating and informing international students about local culture, language and customs.  Through various activities, workshops and events, ESN promotes intercultural understanding and encourages the exchange of knowledge among students.

How and why to become a member?
Becoming part of ESN is an opportunity to engage in the global student movement.
Why become a member?
1. Global Connectivity: Developing friendships around the world.
2. Amazing Events: Plan cultural evenings, adventures and unforgettable gatherings.
3. Development of Skills: Improve your leadership and team skills.
4. Delight in Diversity: Experience the diversity of cultures.
5. Many Benefits: Enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits!

You can become a member by filling out the form at  the link  .
Since the acceptance of new members is carried out only at the beginning and end of the new winter and summer semesters (September and January) , when the official calls for new members are made, after filling out the form, the application will be considered. By filling out the form, the applicants are automatically included in the list that will be published when the official invitations are published, thus increasing your chances of entering ESN Sarajevo.
If this post intrigued you and encouraged you to research more about the current activities of ESN, you can find out more at  the link.
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