A conference for female entrepreneurs is coming to Sarajevo: EU, are you ready for tomorrow?

Cultivating a culture of innovation, inclusiveness and progress within the business community, laying the foundations for a prosperous future aligned with European standards and values ​​are becoming  key narratives for the future of the private sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  All of these will be the topics of our conference for women entrepreneurs, which will arrive in Sarajevo on May 16..  Applications are open !, says Women in Adria. 

With a diverse lineup of speakers ranging from fledgling startups to well-established companies, this conference offers a range of insights, connections and opportunities for growth and breakthroughs.

Fulfillment of EU standards – positive practices and principles

In the midst of ongoing discussions about the potential accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union, there are extraordinary stories of Bosnian businesswomen and entrepreneurs who represent  an example of the principles and standards supported by the EU. 

Their  stories must not remain in the shadows,  because these entrepreneurs, through their innovative ventures and adherence to EU norms, offer insight into the future of the private sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recognizing the transformative power of EU standards, there is an increasing emphasis on presenting successful companies that are aligned with European trends.

By highlighting their achievements, we can not only be proud of their success, but also demonstrate the tangible benefits of integrating EU practices into our operations. 

Norms that lead to an inexhaustible European market

Eight lecturers are coming to us, whose experiences will help us lay a good foundation for meeting European standards that can lead us  to the realm of the never-ending European market.

Amila Kurtović-Buđevac  is a human resources and talent management professional with more than 19 years of experience, and is currently the head of talent management at Authority Partners. Her approach combines advanced strategies with practical innovation, positioning HR as the foundation of organizational success. We will find out  how Authority Partners is developing the IT industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina using the latest talent management practices . Their focus on innovative talent management strategies not only improved the organizational culture but also greatly improved operational efficiency and supported the company’s global growth strategy. 

Participants will gain insight into successful initiatives that foster a dynamic and inclusive global work environment, embodying their core values:  teamwork, integrity, growth, excellence and respect.

From a start-up idea to a global brand

Lejla Kraljević knows how to turn a start-up idea into a globally recognized brand. It will be a true story about an idea: to produce caravans from the same material used to make ships. Building a factory for the production of unique Derubis caravans was a “natural manifestation” of her entrepreneurial spirit. She realized that there was a need in the market for innovative and sustainable travel solutions. Lejla wanted to create caravans that would allow people to explore the world in  a unique, comfortable and environmentally conscious way . This is exactly how her brand was born, which combines aesthetics, functionality and environmental awareness.

Lejla Kraljević’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration, inspiring others to achieve their dreams while encouraging positive change in the world.

Small wheels of big change

Vilma Tunjić Juzbašić was also marked by positive changes. She currently works as the Director of Sustainability at the Mozaik Foundation, in the special Mozaik ESG Solutions Department. During more than 20 years of work experience in financial institutions, primarily in the corporate sector, she intensively encountered CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and was fascinated by successful leading companies that manage to be both profitable and socially responsible. This encouraged her to join the Mozaik Foundation and  work on starting businesses that support sustainable development (plastic recycling) , contribute to the development of social banking programs for startups (Step by Step program, Sparkasse Bank) and build capacities and an environment for sustainable investments. 

Vilma will present the Tech 4 Impact Fund, investing in start-ups with great potential. Namely, this fund focuses on start-ups with great growth potential, which are in line with and contribute to ESG goals as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The fund is designed to significantly influence the local ecosystem, all in the context of the development and creation of high-quality jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

BiH is a country of tourism, IT and innovation

Don’t miss listening to  Jovana Music , co-founder and director of the Sarajevo VRX Immersive Museum. Join us at the lecture where we will talk about how and why HUB387, ACADEMY387 and Sarajevo VRX Immersive Museum were created and how they  helped the development of the IT community, the employment of a large number of young people and their stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  He will also explain where the idea of ​​opening the first VR museum in this area came from and how innovative ideas affect the positive development and perception of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina in comparison to other European countries.

Maja Andrić will present  JYSK Business to Business.  Namely, the JYSK Company became richer for another sector by opening a Business-to-Business (B2B) office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main segments in the focus of the new sector are  tourism, HoReCa, public customers, business premises,  as well as real estate business, which will provide support and assistance for all specific customer requirements. I can help you find a good solution for your business needs, so you have time and resources to focus on your customers. JYSK BUSINESS TO BUSINESS offers a wide selection of products for your business and this is a great example to see how companies that are global brands successfully operate on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina while not deviating from EU standards.

Learning, networking and advancement

The conference for women entrepreneurs in Sarajevo – regardless of the level of experience in entrepreneurship – offers women entrepreneurs a series of insights, connections and opportunities for growth. With a diverse line-up of speakers, the conference aims to capture the essence of resilience, adaptability and forward thinking, bringing together diverse experiences and successful practices. 

Therefore, note in your planners: Sarajevo, 16.5, HUB 387 (Maglajska 1), from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Sign up  and  be inspired by the challenges and opportunities that European integration brings us.

Source: akta.ba