The UNSA Music Academy organized a concert on the occasion of World Accordion Day

The Music Academy of the University of Sarajevo, on the initiative of the Harmonica Department led by Belma Šarančić, marked the World Accordion Day with the Fissarmonicammeratta concert.

It was held in the BiH Art Gallery. Nine ensembles performed, presenting the art of harmonica musical communication with as many as nine different instruments.

Stylistically, the accordion has been represented in chamber ensembles through a musical journey from the 19th century, through the classics of the 20th century, to the premiere performance of a piece of contemporary music.

The audience was presented for the first time by the MAS Piazzolla chamber ensemble, which performed the most famous pieces written for the “Piazzolla Quintet”. The repertoire included works by composers such as B. Šehu, J. Tamulionis, F. Oberthaler, G. Hermosa, C. Saint-Saens, S. Voitenko, V. Monti, J. Coltrane, U. Schultheiss and A. Piazzolla.

Cyrill Demian, organ and piano builder, presented the first prototype of today’s accordion to the patent authorization commission in Vienna on May 6, 1829. By UNESCO’s decision, this day was declared World Accordion Day in 2009.