Investments at the local level – development of investments and tourism in Livno

Author: Hazim Okanović

The City of Livno, based on the Development Strategy of the City of Livno – 2022-2027, has as one of its priorities the improvement of the investment climate. In the past period, the City of Livno has made a number of decisions in this direction, which are in the domain of the local self-government unit. The arrangement of a new business zone stands out here, where investors will be exempted from fees for the arrangement of construction land, which met with a positive response from investors.

In addition, it is important to point out that at one of the last sessions of the City Council, a decision was made to provide financial support to investors on undeveloped construction land. Investors who buy land who buy land in the area of ​​the City of Livno will receive part of the return for the price of construction land depending on the number of employees. So that return of financial resources will be in the range of 20 to 90%. It is a measure that encourages investors to buy land from the city, but it is also aimed at encouraging the employment of new workers.

The city of Livno passed a Decision on support for small and medium-sized enterprises, crafts and rural development. In addition, the construction of the Agricultural Center has begun, where more than 100 small farmers will benefit. In that Center, rooms have already been arranged for Livanjski sir, that is, for the Cooperative of producers of autochthonous cheese that has protection of origin, the brand Livna.

In addition, in the Center, rooms are being arranged for the Cooperative of Honey Producers, where the equipment needed for the production and filling of honey has been purchased. In addition, work is being done on the branding of Livanja honey from the karst areas.

There are many young people from Livno and abroad who have started their businesses in the tourism segment. Through the Tourist Board of the City of Livno, work will be done on the development of tourism, especially when it comes to bird watching (in Livno Field), which has met with great interest from foreign tourists, especially from Great Britain and Japan, who stay for days and film this phenomenon.

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