Makeup artist Senida Hadžihalilović: Even though she does makeup with one hand, she does it perfectly

Despite the fact that Senida Hadžihalilović is 80% disabled, she is by nature a very cheerful and communicative young woman. She is a pedagogue by profession, but due to the impossibility of finding a job, Senida decided to sail into some completely different waters, doing makeup with one hand.

She told us that pedagogy is still her first love, but that certain life circumstances have influenced the change of her goals and plans.

“I decided to do makeup. This job seemed very challenging because I only have one hand, my left hand. Everyday typical things like tying shoelaces, taking care of my child were challenging for me, but I still complete all these tasks successfully, so I knew that I could master makeup techniques as well”, said Senida Hadžihalilović at the beginning of our conversation.

Doing makeup with one hand

She told us that she does not regret changing her profession.

“I really enjoy what I do. I dedicate myself to each client to the maximum, they feel my commitment and commitment to do makeup for each client perfectly. I am filled with a sense of satisfaction after seeing my client’s joy and excitement after their makeup transformation,” she told us.

Even though she is a person with a disability and she only does makeup with one hand, that does not prevent her from doing her job perfectly.

Initially, clients were skeptical. However, when Senida finishes her work, reactions are always positive and encouraging.

“My clients always come back and that is the best feedback on the quality of my work. I usually do makeup for brides, high school graduates and women for various occasions,” she said.

The summer period is usually the busiest for professional makeup artists, since it is a period of graduation ceremonies and weddings. However, the coronavirus pandemic made all these activities stop.

“People were worried about whether if there would be enough food, and their makeup was probably not a priority. Most graduation ceremonies were canceled, and the weddings were postponed. Today, things are slowly coming back to normal, so the number of scheduled makeup appointments is increasing,” said Senida.

Autumn makeup trends

Since autumn is coming, Senida told us what are the latest trends when it comes to autumn makeup.

“There are many makeup trends that autumn 2020 brings us. Nude makeup is a must have every season. All soft colors are also in. Play with shades of green, brown, pastel orange, peach that can be combined into a beautiful warm look. The ‘soap’ eyebrows, which are popular this autumn, which include combing your eyebrows with glycerin soap and filling in imperfections, also support the natural look.”

“In the beginning, my work was based on the recommendations of my friends. After a while, clients who did not know that I have a disability started making appointments. My diagnosis is amelia antebrachii, which means that I have my right arm only up to my forearm. I often noticed discomfort or fear on the faces of women, who were thinking that my work will not be good. In the end, when I do their makeup, they are thrilled and admit that they did not expect it to be of such quality. I really think that my work shows that I can do everything that other makeup artists can do,” said Senida.

If you are brave and want to change/experiment with the makeup, Senida recommends red eye shadows, with a dose of moderation and balance.

“Regarding eye makeup, a strong and intense classic blue color undoubtedly stands out. Remember that the daily look does not need too much makeup, so use it just enough to cover the imperfections on the face and highlight your natural beauty. In addition to liquid powder and concealer, use very little pressed powder for fixing, and put a little soft peach blush on the cheeks, eye liner and mascara on the eyes, and lip balm in color on the lips,” advises Senida.

She added that moderation and balance are the key to any makeup, imposed trends do not fit every face shape, and they do not suit every skin type.

“It is very important to know the basic characteristics of your face, and on that basis to apply a certain trend. Highlighters are very popular because they give freshness to the face and a special glow. However, you should be very careful when applying it to oily and problematic skin, because you can get the opposite effect. It is necessary to take into account the length and width of the eyebrows. The color of the eyebrows should be the same color as the hair, because otherwise the eyebrows stand out unnaturally “, she explains.

Senida recommends that you clean and hydrate your face before applying any makeup, in order to always have beautiful makeup.

You can follow Senida’s work on her Instagram profile – queenmakeupbysenida.