INVITATION TO THE MEDIA – Launch of the USAID’s LocalWorks Program – Program for strengthening of community initiatives in BiH

Livno, September 16, 2020 – The Center for Civic Cooperation Livno (CGS) and the Network for Building Peace, in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, invite you to attend the launch of the LocalWorks Program, Wednesday, September 16, on the premises of the hotel B&M Livno, Gospodarska zona Jug bb at 13:00 h.

The event will mark the beginning of USAID’s five-year LocalWorks Program designed to improve the capacity of local communities and organizations throughout the country. The Program will help formal and informal groups and individuals to independently define, propose and implement solutions to BiH’s development challenges.  

Keynote speakers at the event are Nancy J. Eslick, USAID’s Mission Director to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Zulka Baljak, Executive Director of the Center for Civic Cooperation Livno. In addition to the Center for Civic Cooperation Livno and the Network for Building Peace, other USAID partners part of the LocalWorks Program will attend as well: Institute for Youth Development KULT, Tuzla Community Foundation and the Foundation Mozaik.

The event will be available online at the FB event “LocalWorks”.

For additional information please contact:

Snježana Ivandić Ninković

Network for Building Peace

Phone: +387 61 131 856


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