Call for participants: The Living Monuments Program

After the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the virus of ethnonationalism emerged as a result of a policy for which it is still difficult to find a cure. In the current political environment, where the topic of war is still the most important “cultural” event, young people are constantly exposed to distorted interpretations of the past, i.e. they are exposed to the interpretations of current political leaders who block the peace-building process. Having this problem in mind, the Forgotten Children of War Association has launched the Living Monuments Program, which aims to promote permanent and lasting peace. The Program will empower young people from different ethnic groups to be more engaged in the topics of reconciliation, coexistence, equality and to emphasize the fact that human rights belong to all citizens living in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Living Monuments Program is an educational program where participants will have the opportunity to gain additional knowledge on peacebuilding and interethnic cooperation through lectures by eminent experts, conversations with victims and interactive workshops.

The Living Monuments camp will be held in the period from October 30 – November 5, 2020.

More information about the camp is available at: