Job shadowing – Support is crucial for the growth and development of organizations!

The Institute for Youth Development KULT was visited today by representatives of  the Youth Council of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina .

Today, our guests dedicated the exchange of information and previous experiences with the employees of the Institute and the acquisition of new knowledge. Thanks to this visit, our guests had the opportunity to see how the work of the Institute looks like in practice and to ask everything that interests them and that they think will benefit them in the future work of their organization.

Support and help are extremely important for the growth and development of organizations, and the Institute, through its activities, selflessly offers support and motivates all organizations to act in their communities and be a support system.

“I would describe today as a new experience because in this way we got closer to the work of the Institute and now certain rules and procedures are much clearer to us. We have been cooperating with the Institute for a long time, and today we especially felt the spirit of the organization. We received a lot of useful advice, especially when it comes to administration and technical matters, so that we can work better to develop our organization and complete our vision – what should we be guided by to grow? And everything is much different when you see it in practice than when you read from documents” , said Armin Ćehić, administrative and financial officer.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT has developed the concept of Job shadowing, which will provide civil society organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a new perspective of organizational development. This concept is most often used as a form of professional development, and serves to study everyday activities, work, work environment, application of different methods and models of work in practice.

The goal of the program is the transfer of knowledge, experience and sharing of practical advice in various areas of activity of non-governmental organizations, which are important for the development and improvement of organizational capacities. In addition to mentoring, advisory role and strengthening of human resources, the goal is networking, motivating to create partnerships and providing support for the development of the civil sector. The reason for the development and implementation of this concept is to transfer everything positive, useful and practical in an organization to other organizations, and this is an opportunity that many organizations often lack.

Visible motivation of others and good cooperation with partners are reasons for the Institute to continue with visits and to be supportive in strengthening organizational capacities with the aim of creating better opportunities for the society in which we live.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT thanks today’s guests.

We look forward to the next visits!

You can read more about the concept of Job shadowing   HERE , and if you have additional questions, you can contact us via the e-mail address .