What is the quality of digital life in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2023?

The DQL index (Digital Quality Life Index)  is calculated by observing the impact of five basic pillars: Internet accessibility, Internet quality, e-infrastructure, e-security, e-government.

Bosnia and Herzegovina takes a rather poor  84th place  out of 121 countries covered in the research.

If we compare it with last year’s research, we will find that Bosnia and Herzegovina fell by  4 places  , which indicates that not much has been done to improve the components analyzed in the research. If you look at the ranking index, it is 0.39, which indicates more stagnation than a decline, given that last year’s ranking index was 0.38 and the number of countries analyzed was 117.

Image source:  surfshark.com 

If we look at the position in Europe,  Bosnia and Herzegovina  is in the last 38th place.

Individual indicators and the position of Bosnia and Herzegovina in relation to them are shown in the above tables. What is indicative is that we experienced the biggest decline in the area of ​​Internet quality by as many as 22 places and in the area of ​​Cyber ​​Security by 10 places.  These data indicate what we have to work on the most in the coming period.

Source:  e-transformacija.ba

Source: rolify.com