A village from BiH with 300 sources of drinking water used to be the most beautiful in Europe

The village of Preodac in Bosnia and Herzegovina with over 300 springs was declared by National Geography as one of the most beautiful in Europe in the 1980s.

The village of Preodac at the foot of Šator mountain, which lies on the border of the municipalities of Grahovo, Glamoč and Drvar, leaves passers-by breathless with its hills and glades, reports Danas.

From 1958 to 1962, Preodac with the surrounding villages was a municipality with over 3,700 inhabitants, with a police station, a post office… There were also people. According to the census from 1991, Preodac had 183 inhabitants, and according to the last one from 2013, 32 of them. Two years ago, 13 lived there.

The village is widely known for its natural beauty, colorful landscapes, but what catches the eye first of all are the numerous sources of drinking water.

According to the locals, there are more than 300 sources of drinking water in the village, which makes it unique, writes grahovo.org.

Due to the multitude of springs and watercourses, the village has always been rich in watermills.

However, with the departure of its inhabitants, the water began to recede. Today, dried-up riverbeds where water flowed throughout the year are visible.

The village itself is bowl-shaped, and its middle is the lowest and underwater. It probably got its name because of its position, which allows the road from the northern part of Glamočki to Grahovsko polje and the southernmost villages of Gornji Unac to pass here.

From the Church, the road leads to the Gradina hill, where you can see the well-preserved remains of the medieval Momčil tower, which unfortunately have never been fully explored, so the time of construction can only be assumed. What is certain is that it is a monumental building built by one of the Bosnian rulers or his close relative.

The medieval fortification, the tower of duke Momčilo still bears witness to the long history of this region, and it is also interesting that about 180 residents of Preočan obtained a university degree.

Source: akta.ba