Invitation to the First Convention on Work with Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Youth work was not often mentioned in Europe before the beginning of the 21st century. The partnership of the Council of Europe and the European Commission published three publications on the history and development of youth work, and three conventions on work with youth at the European level (2010, 2015 and 2020) have been organized so far, resulting in two declarations on work. with young people. The third convention is also the beginning of the Bonn process, through which the community of practice in Europe considers all aspects of work with young people, and defines concrete steps in the implementation of the European agenda and programs intended for young people.

Just like in Europe, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, throughout history, work with young people has experienced different forms, areas of activity, but also approaches and methods of financing. Although the youth sector of BiH follows European programs, activities and the Bonn process, its implementation in BiH has not yet adequately begun, and a large part of European programs for youth in BiH is only partially implemented.

Civil society organizations, youth organizations, youth umbrella bodies, organizations that deal with youth issues, institutions responsible for youth issues, the donor community that invests in youth issues, researchers and others in BiH have not had an adequate opportunity to exchange experience, celebrate achievements, and consideration of current topics for the youth sector. This is precisely why  the Institute for Youth Development KULT,  in partnership with  the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  is organizing the First  Convention on Work with Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina .

The goal of the First Convention on Work with Youth in BiH is to establish a purposeful dialogue of all actors dealing with youth issues, taking into account the current development of work with youth, the work of civil society organizations that work with youth, and the institutional framework for work with youth in BiH. The convention is a platform for dialogue and further development of work with young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first convention also calls for stronger networking of all actors, and commitment at all levels of government for further development and sustainability of work with young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The convention will update all issues important for the youth sector, and enable new synergies, initiatives and partnerships.

The conclusions of the convention will record the common views of all participants in order to send a message to all actors, especially decision makers and the public, about the importance of working with young people, recognizing all actors, and including BiH and current programs in the region and Europe.


  • Work with young people on the EU road to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The benefits of working with young people
  • Innovations in work with young people


The Institute for Youth Development KULT invites young people to join the First Convention on Work with Young People in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be  held in Sarajevo from July 4 to 6, 2023 .

If you are  between 18 and 30 years old  and want your voice to be heard at the First Convention on Youth Work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is your opportunity. If you have experience in working with young people, volunteering, designing and proposing creative solutions for better conditions for young people, and you contribute to the recognition of problems, primarily in your community but also at the level of BiH, the Institute invites you to register for the event.

You can apply  until Sunday, July 2, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.  via the link  I CONVENTIONS .

The Institute will forward the agenda and technical information to all selected participants  on July 3, 2023 . Mr.

You can get additional information about the First Convention on Youth Work in Bosnia and Herzegovina via email  or phone number 033 778 765.