Become a friend of the Center for Healthy Aging Novo Sarajevo

👵👴Every grandparent deserves the warmth and comfort of a home, even when that home is outside their own house or apartment.

💰 Donate and help us to replace worn-out furniture in the Center for Healthy Aging Novo Sarajevo and create a comfortable environment for the elderly people for whom this center is their new home.

✨May every moment spent in this small oasis be illuminated by warmth and care.

👥 When all actors of society equally support and give space to marginalized groups, our democracy becomes more resilient and people safer. Therefore, support for initiatives that improve inclusion in BiH. society of exceptional importance for everyone.

🤝The campaign is implemented with the support of the Tuzla Community Foundation as part of the USAID activity Local Strength – Our community is our responsibility.
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Tuzla Community Foundation