Incredible scenes of the starry sky above Prenje: Is this a real photo?

Bosnian-Herzegovinian photographer and lover of Prenj Dženad Džino shared several impressive night photos of this mountain, and the scenes of the starry sky seemed so surreal that he was asked “if it is a real photo”.

Džino shared a photo that was taken while he was waiting for maximum visibility of the milky way, and on that occasion the EUOFOR helicopter was circling above the Prenja peaks.

As a result, he created an impressive video that shows the starry sky above Prenje, but also traces of a helicopter driving around Zelena Glava and illuminating its rock with a reflector.

Bh. the photographer also shared several daily videos on his Instagram profile that record all the natural beauties of this mountain.

However, another night photo taken on Prenje was particularly impressive.

“My daughter Asja spent the night on Prenja for the first time. We were lucky that the night was moonless and we could really enjoy the beauty of the sky”, said Dzino.

The impressive footage seemed so “surreal” that the comments asked if it was a “real photo”.

Džino publishes beautiful photos of Jablanica, Prenje and other mountains almost every day and reminds us of the beauties of nature that we have “at our fingertips”.