INVITATION for membership for local communities in Tuzla Canton – the Network of Active Communities

Deadline for submission of applications is April 9, 2021.

In accordance with its mission, rulebook on membership and strategic plan for expanding its activities, the Network of Active Communities opened an invitation for membership of new communities.

Who are the members of the Network of Active Communities?

The network of active communities currently has 18 members, active communities from 5 municipalities/cities of Tuzla Canton in which Local Development Groups operate, namely: Gornja Tuzla, Simin Han, Grabovica, Solina, Par Selo, Dobrnja, Kiseljak (Tuzla) ; Prokosovići, Bikodže, Turija, Bokavići, Gnojnica (Lukavac Municipality); Priluk, Gornje Živinice (Živinice); Seljublje (Kalesija Municipality); Tinja, Lisovići (Srebrenik).

The Local community development group is a key element in the planning process of active community development. It is a voluntarily formed informal group of active citizens consisting of representatives of all social entities in one community (local community, school, local health clinic, community center, representatives of sports associations, cultural and other associations and other informal groups of citizens such as sections of women, retired persons, youth etc.) who want to develop their community through democratic dialogue, active civic participation and organization to improve social cohesion and living conditions in the community.

What do member communities gain by joining the Network of Active Communities?

  • Support in the implementation of the Alphabet of community organization model

Member communities receive organizational and advisory support for the implementation of the community organization model, which includes: building and forming a team of activists in the community, i.e., forming a local group for development, mapping and analyzing community needs through the development of a community action plan, support in the implementation and monitoring of the community action plan, support in organizing and implementing meetings, gatherings and other social events, and support in evaluating the one-year process.

  • Strengthening the capacity of leaders and active citizens in the field of community organization

The Network of Active Communities will organize various trainings and workshops to strengthen the capacity of leaders (training and education in the field of organizing citizens, citizen participation, especially youth in decision making, project management, leadership, teamwork, communication, etc.).

  • Encouraging cooperation and exchange of experiences among the member communities of the Network

Representatives of local member groups will have the opportunity to participate in study visits, joint meetings to learn about examples of good practice and ways to solve problems in other communities. Also, representatives of local groups will have the opportunity to participate in civic forums and conferences that will raise common issues and topics.

  • Financial support for the implementation of community actions

Communities that are members of the Network of Active Communities have the right to apply for the funds of the Fund for Active Communities of the Tuzla Community Foundation. The funds are intended to support organization of social events, implementation of small actions in the community as well as to support the implementation of long-term projects of vital interest to the community.

What are the obligations of the members of the Network?

Membership in the Network is not permanent and members of the Network must fulfill the following obligations and responsibilities:

– Meet the basic membership criteria in the Network.

– Regularly organize meetings of the Local Community Development Group (minimum 6 meetings per year), and participate in working body meetings and joint activities (forums, study visits, trainings, workshops, conferences, assemblies) organized by the Network of Active Communities.

– Delegate the coordinator, i.e., representative of their community in the coordination committee of the Network (each community member of the Network appoints a person who is a link in communication between the community member and the Network)

– Regularly report in writing to the Secretary General of the Network on the activities and work of their Local Development Group.

– Promptly settle the obligation to pay the annual membership fee (100 BAM at the level of the Local Community Development Group)

– Act responsibly and in accordance with the values ​​of the Network of Active Communities in performing the assumed obligations.

– Promote and contribute to the reputation of the Network of Active Communities.

Who can access the Network of Active Communities-criteria?

The call is open to all local communities in the area of ​​Tuzla Canton, where priority will be given to the:

Areas where basic cooperation or preconditions already exist for creating lasting partnerships between local community councils, public institutions, associations and informal groups of citizens and/or where leaders from these organizations/institutions are willing to work together to strengthen these partnerships for the benefit of residents and improve conditions of life.

Local communities facing problems and at risk of social exclusion (e.g., unfavorable social and financial situation of residents; long distance from the center of the municipality/city and inaccessibility of public services; large number of residents of vulnerable categories; unresolved basic infrastructure and living issues such as drinking water supply, electricity, health services, availability of educational institutions….)

Areas in which leaders from different spheres of life want to develop a common vision of development and include all representatives of civic groups and especially young people and women in the planned development of the community through joint education, meetings and initiating and leading actions.

How to apply?

Communities in which there is initial activism of citizens can apply and the application can be submitted by joint representatives of at least three entities/organizations/institutions that are ready to cooperate with each other and implement the model of organization through membership in the Network of Active Communities. Actors i.e., subjects in the community can be: council/council of local communities, school, community center, citizens’ associations, youth associations, local health institutions, active informal groups of citizens and sections.

STEP 1: Stakeholders are invited to contact us by email: to get the Application form

STEP 2: The completed form should be submitted by the community no later than April 9, 2021 via e-mail to

STEP 3: Submit a signed and certified hard copy of the completed form in person or by mail to the address of the 2. Tuzlanske brigade 60, 75 000 Tuzla indicating “Prijava za članstvo u Mreži aktivnih zajednica/Application for membership in the Network of Active Communities“.

STEP 4: Attend a two-day training ‘Alphabet of community organization’ (minimum 2 persons from the community). The training will be organized on the weekend after the application deadline.

The received applications will be considered by the Steering Committee of the Network of Active Communities, which makes a decision on the Admission of Communities to Conditional Membership. Communities in Conditional Membership are undergoing the membership process with the support of the MAZ Mentoring Team. The final decision on the admission of new communities to the membership of the Network of Active Communities will be made by the Steering Committee during June 2021.

For all additional information you can contact the Secretary of the Network using the previously mentioned e-mail or on the phone number 035 257 445 or mobile 061 662 120.

The number of new member communities in the Network is limited

The number of admissions of new communities is limited. The capacities of the Network of Active Communities are limited and in order to implement the organizing model and provide support to its member communities, the Network will accept a limited number of new communities as members based on this call, based on capacity assessments and applications received. The decision on the admission of new members will be made by the Steering Committee of the Network of Active Communities on the basis of the previously mentioned criteria.

Activities for the promotion of civic activism and community organization are implemented with the financial support and partnership of the Tuzla Community Foundation within the project “Democratic and economic empowerment of underdeveloped communities in Tuzla Canton”, and the project “Our community, our responsibility”.