Intensifying communication and cooperation between partners of Snaga lokalnog Program

On Monday, January 25, 2021, a meeting was held between partner organizations involved in the implementation of the Snaga lokalnog Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mozaik Foundation, KULT Institute for Youth Development, Tuzla Community Foundation, Livno Center for Civic Cooperation and the Network for Building Peace. The meeting was attended by persons in charge of PR, communications and social media within partner organizations. The reason for the meeting was a review of statistical indicators of the website, as well as plans to improve the website to make it user friendly and fully reflect the work of partners of the Snaga lokalnog Program. At the meeting, the possibilities and resources offered by the website were presented: Users database, Donors database, Resource database, Help desk, as well as the Help for citizens map. Also, special focus was placed on the importance of connecting partners with end users in local communities, through content published on the website, as well as on other online platforms of Snaga lokalnog, Facebook group Snaga lokalnog – Network for Building Peace and LinkedIn group.

The meeting was also an opportunity to reflect on the further development of communication and cooperation of partners of the Snaga lokalnog Program. Follow the website and be the first to find out what activities and initiatives are carried out by the Snaga lokalnog Program partners.

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