Do you know companies, SMEs and individuals who have marked 2020 with their good deeds and contributed to the development of their communities?

If the answer is yes, nominate them for the VIRTUS Philanthropy Award [2], which is awarded by the Trag Foundation for the fourteenth year in a row.

The Charity Award is also awarded in Croatia, so you can nominate your candidates for the Johann Kohlhoffer Award for Philanthropist of the Year of Slavonia and Baranja, which is awarded by the Foundation Slagalica [3].

The story of champions of philanthropy does not end here, because the Active Citizenship Fund has announced the winners of the Iskra Philanthropy Award [4] for 2020. In this text [4] you can find out more about companies, non-profit organizations and individuals who, with their good deeds contributed to the development of their communities and marked 2020 in Montenegro.

We have prepared for you an interview with the Association “MoSt” [5], which works every day to provide help and support to the most vulnerable people and fight poverty, homelessness and social exclusion, as well as a story of solidarity, which everyone are providing across the region to earthquake victims in Croatia [6].

Find out what the role of the non-profit sector was in mitigating the harmful effects of the coronavirus and what the activities of non-profit organizations throughout Serbia looked like during the pandemic in the text “Serbia during the coronavirus pandemic – facts and achievements” [7].

We also remind you that one of the ways to do something good for your community is to donate to one of the campaigns [8] on platform [8].