Humanitarian bazaar for Palestine held in Konjic

On Saturday, April 6, after Teravih prayers, a humanitarian bazaar was held in Konjic as a sign of support for the Palestinian people.

The bazaar was organized with the aim of raising funds for two Gaza orphans and easing the living conditions of Palestinian families. Thanks to the generosity of participants and donors, 2000.00 KM was collected.

From the collected funds, 1270.00 KM will be used to provide a one-year scholarship for two children of Gaza, which will include food, drink, shelter and health care. The rest of the money in the amount of 730.00 KM will be intended for the purchase of food, medicine and other necessities for Palestinian families.

The organizers of the bazaar from the MIZ Konjic Youth Network express their gratitude to everyone who contributed to this noble work, praying to God Almighty. to give them faith and strength to save their country.