Public call for participation in the entrepreneurial training program “Business Plus”

Entrepreneurial training aims to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to enable individuals to start, develop and run a successful business, and the following trainings are available:

  • Entrepreneurial Academy
    The basic training modules are: the basics of entrepreneurship, market and competition research, defining business processes, management and control, production and sales planning, business venture finances
    Duration of training: 4 days
  • Writing a business plan
    The basic training modules are: definition and basics of business planning, market research and competition analysis, sales and production planning, administrative-legal framework of a business plan, financial framework of a business plan, practical creation of a business plan
    Duration of training: 4 days
  • Marketing and promotion
    The basic training modules are: marketing tools and creating a marketing strategy, promotion and sales, e-marketing
    Training duration: 3 days

They can apply:

  • young entrepreneurs with business ideas
    (entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35 whose business has not been on the market for more than five years)
  • start-up companies
    (which are in the initial phase of business up to two years old, regardless of the age of the founder)

Link for  application  until  17.04.2024. years.

You can get all additional information by clicking on  the link.