Safet Zec, academic painter and graphic artist, exhibits at the prestigious Venice Biennale

Academic painter and graphic artist Safet Zec will present his works at this year’s 60th Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia). The host of this prestigious art event, the City of Venice, invited Safet Zec to present his works in the Venice pavilion.

The 60th international art exhibition, which this year is called “Strangers Everywhere”, will be open from April 20 to November 24, 2024.

“This, for me, relatively late invitation to exhibit at the biennale, represents another confirmation of the quality of my work and I hope that I will present Venice, which is now my city, and of course my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from which I came and to which I I often give back,” said Safet Zec.

He added that he will form his own studio at the biennial and in a working atmosphere will show some of the more significant works that belong to his oeuvre.

“I myself was a refugee, a man who left his country that he loved, in which I lived and studied, and which was destroyed by war and nationalist divisions. I migrated in 1992 and chose Italy believing that it would be a short stay and that the war in my country would be over quickly. I had no idea then that Italy would become my second home. After a six-year stay in Udine, in 1998 I chose Venice as a place to live and work, and I will exhibit there several times – in the Galleria del Leone, twice in the Grande Scuola San Giovanni Evengelista, in the Correr Museum, in the Church of Della Pieta,” he recalled. is a Rabbit.

He expressed his gratitude and joy for the invitation to exhibit in the Venice pavilion, which he believes gave him the opportunity to once again present his works to the Venetian, but also to a wider European and world audience.

Photo: Europe House

The Venetian pavilion, curated by Giovanna Zabotti with commissioner Maurizio Carlino, will be called “The Domestic Sextant”. The painters Pietro Ruffo and Vittorio Marella and the poet Franco Arminio will present themselves in that pavilion.

Curator Zabotti, describing the choice of Safet Zeca, said that his paintings reveal the need to illuminate the drama of war, hunger and flight, indelible memories that belong to his personal history, but also to our everyday life.

“The way to feel at home is faith, when you have faith, whatever it is, you have a home,” said Zabotti, adding that Safet Zeca’s works represent a search for universal order that includes the celestial sphere, like looking upward , with hands, in the extraordinary works of Safet Zeca. Each of his pictorial compositions is like a prayer, it is an act of complete dedication and faith towards the meaning and importance of art.

La Biennale di Venezia is the world’s oldest and most prestigious art event, which was first held in 1895.