Guide – “How to start your own business”, created as part of the “System” project

Want to start your own business? All the information you need can now be found in one place!

We often hear that someone might want to start their own business, but they can’t decide, the procedures are complicated, it’s hard to get information about how the entire registration process works, which documents are necessary, etc. The project “Support to the establishment and improvement of mechanisms to support self-employment through the cooperation of innovative local communities and new enterprises in the cross-border area – System” found a way to at least partially solve the mentioned problems. How? By creating the Guide “How to start your own business”, in two editions, one for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the other for Serbia.  

The Guide itself does not deal with the type of business you want to start, but deals with various issues such as the legislation that regulates business registration and its operations, legal form of registration, preparation of documentation, procedure and costs of business registration, filing of tax returns, making of seals, opening bank account and everything else that is important when starting a business. Therefore, you can find the answers to all the key questions that arise when starting a business in this Guide. 

And, most importantly, the Guide is published in online format on the websites of the project partners, at the following links:

Guide – How to start your own business in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Guide – How to start your own business in Serbia

We hope that this Guide will be helpful to all of you who want to start your own business, and we wish you much success on that journey.

The “SYSTEM” project is implemented by the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo with project partners the Municipality of Ilijaš and the Youth Umbrella Organization of Serbia, and it is co-financed with grants from the European Union within the financial instrument of pre-accession aid IPA II through the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2020.