Citizens from ŽZH/K8 and HBŽ/K10 learned about the advantages of social entrepreneurship at two-day training sessions

As part of the USAID project “Strength of the Local – Together for Local Development”, the Center for Civic Cooperation from Livno held two two-day trainings in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and writing a business plan/canvas for interested citizens, representatives of associations and organizations, and individuals. .

Training participants from K10/HBŽ and K8/ŽZH had the opportunity for two days to listen to topics from the field of entrepreneurship, the differences between commercial and social entrepreneurship, and the methodology for writing a business plan.

By comparing socially responsible companies in the region and social enterprises operating in BiH, the idea of ​​the impact of entrepreneurship at the local level is approximated, and the vision of socially oriented business is open to potential future entrepreneurs.

The trainings were also of a motivational nature where the main goal was the identification, formulation and development of business ideas among the participants and the creation of a business canvas for the launch of potential social enterprises in the area of ​​the two mentioned cantons/counties. During the business plan writing workshop, the participants worked on practical examples of the development of one or more business ideas they had.

Particularly interesting was the information on the current state of legislation for the establishment of a social enterprise in FBiH and the benefits and responsibilities of a socially organized enterprise, which was unknown to most of the participants until now.

The lecturer at the training was Vladimir Marić, an expert in entrepreneurship with extensive experience in the implementation of socially oriented companies, who explained the concept of social, social or impact entrepreneurship on a global, regional and local level to the training participants in a very interesting way.

After the trainings, interested associations/associations/organizations as well as individuals have the opportunity to work through mentoring support with Mr. Marić. At the end of the mentoring process, the best business plan/canvas created by an association/association/organization from the area of ​​HBŽ/K10 or ŽZH/K8 can obtain financial support for starting a social enterprise.

In technical terms, one association/organization can obtain support in the amount of USD 4500 plus community contribution. Support will be provided in the form of materials and/or equipment, services necessary for the preparation and launch of a social enterprise, i.e. implementation of the business plan/canvas.

The development of entrepreneurship in the area of ​​the mentioned two cantons/counties opens up opportunities for the establishment of small and/or medium-sized entrepreneurship, which would significantly contribute to local development, especially the employment of women, young people, people with disabilities and difficulties in development, as well as difficult-to-employ and marginalized categories of the population and their retention in this area.

The activity was realized within the framework of the USAID project “Strength of the Local – Together for Local Development” which is implemented by the Center for Civic Cooperation from Livno and the Association of Women Citizens “Grahovo” from Bosanski Grahovo.