Mostar is getting a new attraction – the Panoramic Wheel across the street from Zrinjevac

These days, Mostar will get a new attraction, a ferris wheel, from whose open cabins you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city, it was announced by the City Administration of the City of Mostar.

The mobile structure is being installed across the street from Zrinjevac Park, and the City Tourist Board of Mostar is responsible for its installation with the support of the City Administration.

The Ferris wheel is 22 meters high, consists of 18 semi-open cabins, each of which can accommodate up to five people, and can take a total of 108 people on the ride of a lifetime. Two laps of a unique device known all over the world take approximately ten minutes. The unique and unforgettable experience provided by this tourist attraction places each city at the very top of the must-see destinations.

This wheel is produced in the most famous Lamborghini factory and its appearance leaves you breathless.

Considering the duration of the ride, the safety it provides and the height that is acceptable to everyone, it is truly one of the few attractions that is suitable for all age groups.