Živana Sabljić, rebel from Drvar: Živana raised her voice even when they destroyed her poultry farm with 800 chickens (PHOTO, VIDEO)

She was at the head of a group of citizens, who, with persistent protests, forced the government to remove 410 tons of waste imported from Italy and illegally disposed in Drvar and neighboring municipalities. However, this is neither the first nor the last fight in which Živana Sabljić from Drvar took part. She fought for the return[…]

Entrepreneurship and jobs: The European Union allocates €8 million for development of local partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Entrepreneurship is a key skill for developing local economies. As a result, the European Union, in cooperation with the International Labour Organization, is supporting successful entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on young people and women. One of them is Tijana Babić from Prijedor, which creates opportunities for new jobs. Faced with difficult life circumstances, Tijana tried to[…]

Restaurant of goodwill opened in Sarajevo: An immense support for the socially vulnerable population

Association Pomozi.ba, in cooperation with the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo, has opened a restaurant for the socially vulnerable population. Elvir Karalić, president of the Association Pomozi.ba, stated that this is a third in a row “Restaurant of goodwill“ in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is designed to support the system of soup kitchens. According to him, users[…]

Mastercard Index: The pandemic has a disproportionately stronger impact on women entrepreneurship

The Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected women around the world – a staggering 87% of women business owners say they have been affected by the negative impacts. High representation in the sectors hardest hit by the economic crisis, a pronounced digital divide between the sexes in an increasingly virtual world and growing pressures of responsibility for caring[…]