Disposable cloths from Visoko will soon be placed on the Middle East market

Products of the company “The Towels”, which cooperates with BiH diaspora from Canada, are new to the world market.

Team of Diaspora Invest was welcomed in Visoko by a young entrepreneur Ibrahim Kunić, who has been working for years in the leather industry, a production sector recognizable for his hometown. However, in a year marked by a pandemic, Ibrahim began to think about new business models and opportunities emerging due to the need for a greater degree of hygiene and health care.

– We started cooperating with a man from BiH who lives in Canada, and he offered us some new software solutions, but also machines, which we first used in self-service car washes. The disposable cloth ejection machine with integrated polishing gel for drying and polishing cars has become a real hit among drivers, and we have recognized that people are willing to pay for such a product in our market as well. Now, based on this experience, we want to launch a line of disposable towels in gyms, saunas, wellness centers and religious facilities. We are just on the way to finalizing the first agreements on the distribution of these machines and products on the market of several countries in the Middle East, says Kunić.

His company “The Towels” plans to transfer the production of machines from Canada to Bosnia and Herzegovina in May, where it would then be the production base.

– The installation of the first series of prototype machines is underway, which we are exclusively renting as the beginning of entering the market. The final series is in the process of testing, it will soon enter serial production, and after that we will start selling the devices themselves. Our goal is to gradually enter the market and gain the trust of customers. The products are new, in general on the world market, they meet the instant needs of customers and our goal is to improve and develop every year. What we are especially proud of is that the whole story started from the cooperation with the BiH diaspora, citizen of BiH who is the owner of the company “Global Electronics” in Canada, adds Kunić.

In cooperation with the USAID project “Diaspora Invest”, members of the team “The Towels” underwent training programs in sales and communications. That is how this company entered the network of recognized diaspora investments in BiH.

– Our company also offers different types of automatic kiosks, and we want to show how many things can be done – if we use the knowledge of our people outside, who bring us new technologies, innovations and contacts. Together we can do much more, we just have to believe, because nothing is better than the ideas for which the right moment has arrived. At a time when we pay more attention to hygiene and health care, disposable towels and rags, which are also environmentally friendly, are an innovation that will change all the facilities we visit, said Ibrahim Kunić.

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